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Taika Waititi Encourages You to Share Pictures of Him Sleeping

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It is always interesting to see celebrities trolling themselves on social media. Recently, Taika Waititi sleeping pictures emerged on Twitter and the Thor director rejoiced. In a tweet, he encouraged people to come up with more pictures of him sleeping. Needless to say, people did not disappoint him.


This year began with awards and celebrations for Taika Waititi

Last year, Taika Waititi directed and starred in a comedy-drama, Jojo Rabbit. The story revolves around a young boy, Jojo, who lives in Nazi Germany and is a member of the Hitler Youth camp. Interestingly, his imaginary friend is none other than Hitler himself. In the film, Waititi plays the dictator and is a bit half-witted. For this film, he won many nominations and awards, including the Oscar for best-adapted screenplay.

Recently, he came across people sharing Taika Waititi sleeping pictures

On Twitter, an account is dedicated to Taika Waititi sleeping pictures named Taika Naptiti with 15k followers. When he discovered this account, he tweeted:

Finally! A place where all the photos can live. There are more out there too. People with Taika Waititi sleeping pictures must come forward. This is a safe space.

After that, it was like floodgates were opened. One of the first celebrities to comment was Ben Schwartz, who described it as a gift and a curse. The creator of Taika Naptiti could not be happier with this acknowledgment.

One of the people made his sleeping picture into a Van Gogh painting.


On the other hand, one Twitter user shared Mark Ruffalo’s tweet of Taika Waititi’s sleeping pictures.


Not only fans, celebrities also started sharing Taika Waititi sleeping pictures

While Cher commented on his Jedi-like sleeping abilities, Zelda Williams shared her real-life experience of witnessing this unusual skill.


Meanwhile, Mark Ruffalo and Armie Hammer took to their respective Instagram accounts to share Taika Waitit sleeping pictures.


Apart from the hilarity, it is not easy being one of the best directors in the world. We totally understand Taika Waititi’s power naps. After all, directing award winning films is no easy feat.

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