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Justin Verlander Career Saved By Kate Upton

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Houston Astros star- Justin Verlander has credited his wife Kate Upton for saving his career. In the midst of another All-Star season, the baseball player shared that his wife was instrumental.

Back in 2014, Justin Verlander thought that his career was over. Verlander recalled that while pitching for the Detroit Tigers, his winning totals were fairly low. He had given up more runs than any pitcher in the American League. Later, a Tigers coach pulled him aside and advised him to go for an MRI. Justin Verlander was so terribly shaken that he stopped on some chairs and cried. He had lost hope, and thought that’s the end for him.

At that time, Justin Verlander and Kate Upton had been going out for 2 years. Being a super famous model who was always in the public eye, Kate Upton could understand the pressures that stardom brought and was no stranger to cruel criticisms either. Upton also knew the physical issues that could obstruct one’s career. Justin Verlander claimed that Kate Upton had seen a lot more in her life than he had. Being a famous female in her industry, she had seen levels he had never dealt with. Kate made him realize that he needed both physical and emotional help. Justin Verlander opened up that as athletes, one could not talk about being hurt. It was considered an excuse. But he could easily do it with Kate Upton. And she was basically a therapist to him.

Kate Upton also made him see a physical therapist. He helped him in rehabilitating a body that was wearing out. The therapist even worked with Verlander to help him change the way he pitched. Two years later in 2016, Justin Verlander was one hundred percent back. Later next year, he joined the Houston Astros.

Kate Upton has made a huge contribution in Justin’s career up till now and the baseball star himself says that if it wasn’t for her, he wouldn’t be here today.

Kate Upton and Justin Verlander got married last year in Italy. It was right after the day that Verlander helped his team win the World Series. Only, last month the couple announced that Upton was pregnant with their first child.

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