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Logan Paul Reacts To Gigi Hadid Roasting Jake Paul

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If you’re up to date with the latest roasting news, then you already know that Gigi Hadid dragged Jake Paul on Twitter very savagely, rather brutally. He was the one asking for beef this time. That too with the founder of Team10 and former One Directioner Zayn Malik! But his girlfriend, model Gigi Hadid wasn’t taking it and she quickly came to his defense while roasting Jake on Twitter. Now, older brother Logan Paul reacted to the situation and we’ll share whose side he’s on.

Giga Hadid roasts Jake Paul

It all began when Jake Paul wrote a (now-deleted) tweet about him almost “clapping up” Zayn Malik at a party. He called Zayn out for being rude for no reason although Jake claimed to have been so nice to him. He wrote:

almost had to clap up zane from one direction because he is a little guy and has an attitude and basically told me to fuck off for no reason when i was being nice to him…. zane i know you’re reading this… stop being angry cause u came home alone to ur big ass hotel room hahaha.

And yep, he misspelled Zayn too.

Well, Zayn’s girlfriend quickly called him out and rushed in to defend Zayn Malik. She referred to Jake as an ’embarrassing crew of YouTube groupies’ and wrote:

And shots were fired……

Logan Paul reacts

Now Jake Paul’s brother Loga Paul reacted to this completely negative exchange. And it turns out that he does not agree with his brothers’ behavior at all. So he is basically on Team Gigi Hadid.

In his latest podcast, older brother Logan Paul discussed Jake’s issues on his podcast ‘ImPaulsive’. He expressed his disappointment with what was happening as a lot of negative talk surrounds Jake for a reason.

He said:

We’ve been having conversations with Jake. We are talking to him about leveling up.

He was drunk, and I’ll go ahead and point this to alcohol being the root of so many problems, and he Tweeted some dumb sh*t.”

He also said that Jake Paul is kind of “lost” right now.

Well, Logan Paul is being true and fair so kudos to that. Hopefully, he will help his younger brother be more grounded and stop getting into so many feuds.

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