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Harrison Ford Recalls His Favourite Memory of Star Wars Was Disdain?

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After nine Star Wars movies, one might expect things to be a little different when a star is asked to revisit their days on the set. In Harrison Ford’s case, he seems to have changed what he once used to like and what he likes now because his response was something we did not expect. But not in a bad way! Then again, he is Harrison Ford after all. The guy who couldn’t tell the difference between Kryptonite and Carbonite because he “just works there”. When an interviewer asked him to tell us about his favourite memory, we had to go through his words one more time. Apparently, all he recalls is the incredible “disdain” people around him felt.

Harrison Ford Talks About His Favourite BTS Memory

Han Solo is probably one of the most famous characters in the Star Wars movies and why not? Harrison Ford, the guy who also played Indiana Jones had incredible looks back then and even today he won’t fail to impress. In an interview, he was asked about his favourite behind-the-scenes memory from his Star Wars filming days. Here is what he replied:

“The complete and utter disdain that our very experienced British crew felt for what we were doing. They couldn’t figure it out. Guy running around in a dog suit and a princess and some guys in tight pants. They couldn’t figure out what we were doing, so they laughed at us constantly, thought we were ridiculous. And we were, but we made a movie that people really enjoyed seeing.”

Incredible how Harrison Ford thinks of this “disdain” as his favourite memory while filming for Star Wars. It is not spending some quality time with late Carrie Fisher, or Mark Hamill, or even having a chat with George Lucas. It this very event that was taking place at that time. Watch his video below which is an interview on BuzzFeed Celeb:

The celebrity was originally on to promote his brand new movie The Call of the Wild.

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