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What Does Taylor Swift’s “The Man” Tells Us About Elizabeth Warren’s Campaign?

Taylor Swift's The Man has a lot to tell us about Elizabeth Warren's chance to win the 2020 Democratic Primaries.

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The 2020 Presidential Race is the hottest topic in politics right now. People left, right and center are anxious to know who will be the next leader of the free world. Yet, the politics in this election is anything but simple. And it becomes even tougher for women. No woman has ever been the President of the United States, and it doesn’t seem likely to change this time either. Elizabeth Warren is the only woman campaigning in the 2020 Democratic Primaries. And her campaign is in trouble. Recently, @theRealHashbron on twitter uploaded a video of Elizabeth Warren’s campaign dubbed over by Taylor Swift’s “The Man”.

After watching this, it got us into thinking what does Taylor’s song tells us about the US Presidential race, especially for Warren? Here are our thoughts about it.

What was Taylor Swift trying to tell us?

“The Man” was the 4th song in Taylor’s album named “Love”. This is a very powerful song that challenges every pre-conceived notions society attaches to women. It literally challenges the patriarchy and the perks men enjoy over women. Firstly, Taylor Swift talks about the perks men enjoy in this society. They’re called “fearless leaders” and “alpha male”. Secondly, she talks about the recognition men get for their hard work and achievements. Whereas, women’s success is constantly questioned. People keep asking whether they deserved it or not, or if they even worked hard for it. Even when women are standing up for themselves, they’re doubted.

These lyrics also hint towards the glass ceiling. Whenever they work at any place, women have a glass ceiling. They cannot progress beyond it even if they want to. The most obvious example is the US Presidential race.

The glass ceiling in American politics

It is no secret that no woman has ever been the President of the US. There are just 101 women in the US House of Representatives, which is 23.2% of the 435 members. Women don’t even make a quarter of the Congress of the most powerful country in the world. Moreover, it doesn’t look that good in the Presidential race either. The first woman to ever win the nomination of a major party in the US was Hillary Clinton in 2016. And we all know that did not end well for her. She was vilified by Right Wing Trump supporters for being a woman, and Trump himself and the media didn’t help either. The glass ceiling is clear as day in the race for the White House. Unfortunately, something similar might be happening to Elizabeth Warren in the 2020 Democratic primaries.

Warren’s Campaign in trouble

Elizabeth Warren 2020 Democratic Primaries Candidate
Elizabeth Warren | Instagram

Things aren’t looking good for Warren in the Democratic primaries. She is 48 delegates behind Bernie Sanders, which is a lot at this stage. What’s worse is that she isn’t much different from Bernie in what she believes. Joel Mathis writes in this piece that:

On the policy front, at least, there isn’t a whole lot that distinguishes Warren from Sanders. She backs Medicare-for-all, and has aggressive plans to eliminate the burden of college debt and affordable housing for most Americans.

The thing is, Warren does believe in Medicare for all and other socialist agendas, just like Sanders. However, she also fights for structural changes that will make law-making and legislation easier in the United States. She wants to change the size of the Senate majority needed to pass a law. Along with that, she wants to make Puerto Rico and Washington D.C. full-fledge states so they can have a say in electing their President.

Despite having a more aggressive agenda, Warren is way back in fourth place. And it would be naive to think that her being a woman plays no role in this. She is vilified more than she deserved, even though she is 2nd most progressive of all the candidates, after Sanders. Moreover, She even promised half of her cabinet positions to women and non-binary individuals. Hillary Clinton faced a similar backlash from Trump supporters in 2016, and Warren is no different. The lyrics of Taylor Swift’s “The Man” echo loudly here. Even if Warren does get nominated, she would have to face an even tougher task. Trump Supporters could cause her a lot of trouble like they did to Hillary in 2016.

Our verdict – Warren deserves better

In conclusion, we can only hope that this hostility towards women candidates ends at some point. Warren deserves more recognition as a viable nominee at the very least. She deserves to be one of the front runners of the 2020 Democratic Primaries. Finally, we hope that she is able to make a dent in that glass ceiling Taylor Swift talks about.

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