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Jameela Jamil Isn’t Interested In Feeling ‘Beautiful’

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Jameela Jamil is an English model, actress, radio presenter and writer born to an Indian father and a Pakistani mother. A breast cancer scare in 2016 prompted her to move to California, USA. Which was when she got the role in NBC’s The Good Place as Tahani Al-Jamil. She also has a podcast page on Instagram by the name I Weigh.


Jameela Jamil has always been an advocate for body neutrality and destroying all the unrealistic body standards set for women. She sat down with ET Style to talk about these issues in an ‘Unfiltered’ interview.

Jameela Jamil On Beauty Standards

The first time Jameela saw beauty was a Disney princess and automatically began thinking beauty was long blonde hair and white skin and a tiny waist. And she admits that has haunted her to this day. Jameela Jamil also said she suffered from anorexia from the ages 14 to 17. And with beauty defined like that, it’s no wonder she suffered from body image issues all her life.


What Finally Made Her Feel Comfortable In Her Skin?

When Jameela first started using makeup, she revealed she wasn’t really good at it and would use it as war paint while going out. She revealed she would wear a lot of it and lather up her face in makeup. But it ultimately stopped when she started dating the man she is currently with, James Blake, who preferred to see her natural face first thing in the morning. She claims he’s the one who made her feel comfortable in her own skin and that is why she eventually stopped feeling the need to seem perfect for the world and hide behind makeup.

Growing up in London, Jameela Jamil always felt alienated in her world. It was a racist time so she didn’t have a lot of friends. And since she was almost deaf until she was 12, it kept her away from doing a lot of things she could’ve done.

Jameela Jamil admits that she has always felt no sense of belonging no matter where she is. She always felt different. And was treated badly for being different.

Watch the entire interview here to see Jameela discuss her career and how she overcame adversity.

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