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Trevor Noah Shares Wisdom On Ellen Degeneres Show

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The Daily Show host Trevor Noah was invited to The Ellen Show hosted by Ellen Degeneres. And the show was such a treat to watch. Trevor Noah shared words of wisdom and his views on President Trump. He discussed whether Trump being president is actually a good thing for comedy. He opened up about how he brings humor into tough politics. If you want to know the details, keep reading.

Trevor Noah shares words of wisdom with Ellen Degeneres

Ellen Degeneres asked the host of The Daily Show Trevor Noah if he has had the opportunity to interview all of the presidential candidates? To this, Trevor replied: “All 125 of them, yes”. Well, with the exception of three candidates, he has interviewed them all, he added.

Speaking about how he makes something serious like politics into a fun thing, he shared:

Here’s the thing. I think when processing politics,  the one thing we have to learn to do as people, in my opinion, is remember there was a time before and there will always be a time after.

And a lot of the time, people tell us to live in the present. But if you’re not careful, you only live in the present. And then you act as if the present will be forever. And that’s not the case.

He said that’s what he tries to do, to remember that politics is what’s “supposed” to be happening. He added:

So I can’t be angry at politics. And then what I’m trying to do is, I’m trying to engage in dialogue that educates people, informs people including myself and gets us to a place where we understand each other a little bit more.

Trevor Noah also highlighted how we all may not agree on many things or our views, but the essential part is to see each other as human beings. We all need to start from there, he said.

Ellen also noted that simply talking to someone and then finding out that they support a certain political party becomes the way that others shape or form an opinion about them. We don’t all have to be exactly alike and everyone has the right to their opinion, likes or dislikes.

On President Trump

Then she asked Noah an interesting question. Does he think that Trump being president is a good thing for his comedy?

To this, he replied that he was doing comedy before Trump. There were late-night shows and stand up comedy before him too. Then he shared his real opinion:

You know, for me, I don’t think Trump is ever good for us. If anything sometimes I wish he would make us work a little harder.

Being bluntly honest, he added that all he has to do is show the audience what Trump did now. Or what he did next. And that’s all he needs to do for the comedy.

We love how upfront, vocal, and wise this guy is. You can watch the full interview right here.

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