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Selena Gomez Performs ‘Rare’ Live At The Village Studio

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Pop singer sensation Selena Gomez recently performed an acoustic version of her song ‘Rare’ at Village Studio in Los Angeles. The song was from her third, hit studio album that released in January. Just when we thought we couldn’t be more in love with the song, she came with this new version and that too, live. And the performance was truly beautiful. Keep reading to find out more about it.

Selena Gomez ‘Rare’

The song ‘Rare’ was a huge success when the studio-topping music album first came out. And it still is very loved as devoted Selena fans truly appreciate her music. In fact, the song has a very beautiful meaning and message to it.

And Selena Gomez has previously shared that in detail as well.

“[Rare] actually is a word that sums up what the purpose of my position is, which is letting people know that they are completely unique within who they are. That’s the biggest thing, right? It’s like, they don’t fit in, or they feel like they need to be a certain way… it’s very scary to know who they’re looking up to.

I think it was such a perfect description of how i think girls, or women, are meant to feel. It’s even acknowledging: I don’t have it all, but I do know that I’m worth something. I’m not gonna settle and I’m gonna wait, ‘cause there is something out there that is gonna give me that feeling that i deserve and I want.”

An acoustic performance at Village Studio

Recently, Selena Gomez released a hauntingly beautiful new version of Rare. And now we can’t get enough of it. The 27-year-old singer posted the new video of her performing live at Village Studio in Los Angeles.

The original version was upbeat, happy with an uplifting feel, but this new version is emotional and really gets you in the feels. Rather than a pop song vibe, this one has a guitar in the background that elevates the lyrical feel of ‘Rare’. And this one truly has us actually appreciating the words and intent behind the song.

You won’t know what we’re talking about until you give it a listen. So pop on your headphones and prepare to feel Selena Gomez’s vocal beauty.

Here’s the performance:

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