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Harvey Weinstein worse than Ted Bundy?

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In February 2020, we finally see justice being served. Harvey Weinstein was found guilty of rape in the third degree. He is now facing up to 5-29 years in prison. (I want to ignore the 5 years thing though…’tis nerve-wracking). Weinstein was an American producer that used his power to sexually harass and assault over 100 women in the industry. Meanwhile, Ted Bundy was a notorious serial rapist and killer who also took advantage of hundreds of women. Both have committed equally despicable acts of violence. Ted Bundy was given the death penalty. Harvey Weinstein is about to start his prison sentence. Taking into consideration their vile acts, let’s examine if one of them is worse than the other.

The case of Ted Bundy

He was a serial killer who was convicted of killing 30 women in the 1970s. Just like Harvey Weinstein, he sexually assaulted many girls. In some cases, he even turned to necrophilia by assaulting the corpses of the women he had murdered. Ted Bundy was the very definition of inhumane and evil.

He even called himself:

 “the most cold-hearted son of a b***h you’ll ever meet.”

His methods of assault often included manipulation. Ted Bundy used to pretend to be disabled and ask help from vulnerable women and used this to lure them into places where he could violently assault and murder them.

The terror that was Harvey Weinstein

The Hollywood producer also used manipulation techniques where he used his power in the industry to coerce young actresses into doing whatever he wanted. Many women did not speak up until 2017 when the #MeToo movement started. Despite Weinstein not being charged with all the crimes, he will still serve time in jail.

Differences between Ted Bundy and Harvey Weinstein

How did the public perceive these criminals?

After the accusations surfaced, the whole of Hollywood denounced Harvey Weinstein. He has often become the center of jokes in many notable awards shows where it is completely acceptable to say completely negative things about Harvey Weinstein. That’s the key difference between Ted Bundy and Harvey Weinstein.

Ted Bundy was executed by the State through electrocution. His soulless personality, still somehow, was charming to some women who would often come to his court trials dressed the way he liked so that they could attract his attention.

The crimes Harvey Weinstein & Ted Bundy committed

Ted Bundy often murdered the girls that he set eyes on. A confirmed of 30 women have been killed by Ted Bundy. There may possibly be more. However; those were not reported. Bundy was simply psychopathic in nature and wanted to have power over his victims, even after their death.

As per Bundy himself:

“The ultimate possession was, in fact, the taking of the life. And then . . . the physical possession of the remains.”

Harvey Weinstein has raped multiple women and has sexually assaulted and harassed over 100 actresses in the industry including Kate Beckinsale, Angelina Jolie, Cara Delevingne, Lena Headey, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Rose McGowan.

Weinstein often asked for sexual favors in exchange for advancing the careers of those he was harassing. One of the victims in Harvey Weinstein’s case, Lauren O’Connor stated this:

I am a 28-year-old woman trying to make a living and a career. Harvey Weinstein is a 64-year-old, world-famous man and this is his company. The balance of power is me: 0, Harvey Weinstein: 10.

This sentiment is something countless other women can relate to.

The punishment they got

Another major difference between the two criminals is that Harvey Weinstein has only been sentenced to prison whereas Ted Bundy was executed by the State. The reason is that Bundy did take lives and the punishment for murder is legally more severe. In some states, the punishment for murder is the death penalty (known as capital punishment).

Who is worse | Harvey Weinstein or Ted Bundy?

In all honesty, I can safely say that both of these humans Ted Bundy and Harvey Weinstein represent the worst of human race. These two used the powers they had (For Weinstein it was his position as a producer, For Bundy, it was his ‘charm’ and manipulation tactics) to take advantage of vulnerable women. They assaulted hundreds of women and terrorized their lives causing them extreme physical pain and emotional trauma. Weinstein did not kill any of his victims but all his victims had to live a life of fear and suffered a lot with PTSD.

The question isn’t who was worse. The question we must ask as a society is when will these heinous crimes stop? When will the broken justice system ensure that criminals that prey on the weak are given their rightful punishment and do no escape using money, power or some other clever tools?

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