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Harvey Weinstein Found Guilty By The Courts

Harvey Weinstein has been found guilty by New York City Criminal Courts

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It is official. Harvey Weinstein has been convicted by New York City Criminal Courts and found guilty of rape and criminal sexual acts. After the #MeToo movement spread wide on the internet, nearly 80 women came forward against Weinstein. This conviction is a major milestone for the movement. It sends a positive message across the globe to victims that they should raise their voices. Here are our views on the case and its impact.

The verdict

The verdict that came out of the court found Harvey Weinstein guilty of rape and sexual assault. This can send him to jail for 5 to 29 years. However, he has been acquitted of two counts of predatory sexual assault, which were the most serious charges. That was why Annabella Sciorra’s testimony was important for this case, despite being limited by the statute of limitations. This charge would have sent the media mogul in prison for life. However, Weinstein faces multiple charges of a similar nature in Los Angeles courts and civil courts. Therefore, the fight of many victims against him is still not over. You can read more about the details of the charges against Weinstein in this Vox article by Anna North.

He is currently in jail, awaiting the sentence from the judge in a few day’s time. Moreover, Twitter made some clever remarks on Weinstein’s back problems. For instance, this one by JFNYC1.


This verdict’s impact on #MeToo

Harvey Weinstein Found Guilty by the Courts

Harvey Weinstein’s guilty verdict has far-reaching outcomes for the Metoo movement. Silencing women is a norm across the world whenever they come forward with their horrific experiences. As a result, people start to question the victims instead of going after the accused and the necessary legal steps. This verdict, however, shakes things up a bit. It has given more validation to the voices of victims. Moreover, people will now give more weightage to cases where multiple women come forward against the same accuser. It is an important step forward in the right direction.

In conclusion, this verdict is a huge moment in the movement’s history. The victim of Harvey’s horrific acts can have some rest finally. Even though there are many women still awaiting justice from Harvey, at least he is finally where he belongs. It is a massive victory for the #MeToo movement, but there is still a long way to go. Many such accused still roam the streets. And till they do, it will never be completely safe for everyone.

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