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Kourtney Kardashian Has Moved On From Split

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Kourtney Kardashian has had a hard week. With the Kim-Kourtney feud unraveling so much drama and mean comments from her sister, she was already in a tough place. But to make it worse, pictures of her ex-boyfriend Younes Bendjima partying with another girl surfaced. Apparently, he was cheating on Kourtney who split with him afterward. And the Kardashian sisters Khloe and Kim definitely threw some good shade at her ex. But now that the couple has already split, it seems like Kourtney is moving on with her life.

Kourtney Moves on

Recently, Kourtney was photographed with her sister Kim and daughter Penelope while shopping out on the streets. In the picture, Kourtney can be seen wearing an olive green skirt to go with a blue tank top. She is talking to a friend on Facetime and clutching her daughter’s hand. She probably did not know that she is revealing her friend’s face for the world to see. But every now and then, she would tilt her phone slightly and those passing by caught full glimpses of the man she was talking to. Her mate was wearing a cap and kept smiling in Kourtney’s direction.

New Beau in Kourtney’s Life?

Ever since Kourtney Kardashian has been spotted Facetiming the mystery guy, fans are predicting wild theories. While some believe that he greatly resembles her ex Younes Bendjima, others know that Kourtney likes to keep things real. The most popular prediction says that Kourtney is moving on from the split. The reality TV star was trying to be flirty with the mystery man while she video chatted him in public. So, it looks like she’s moved on with this one.

Kourtney Kardashian does not seem very bothered following her split. She’s been out shopping with her sister Kim. And has even taken girls’ night out. Later, she even went to visit her grandmother with her sister Kim. She has shared a few pictures of some monkeys kissing her at her grandmother’s place. But the pictures have drawn criticism for both Kim and Kourtney. Animal rights campaigners have accused the TV stars of promoting violent monkey trades.

Kardashians Happy With the Split

Kourtney Kardashian’s family is very happy that she has broken up with Younes Bendjima. Her mother Kris Jenner and sister Kim are particularly relieved. They never thought that he was the best choice, and are looking forward to Kourtney choosing someone better suited for her. The family is trying to make sure she is entertained and busy. And Kim has been particularly helpful as she was spotted with her first on a shopping spree, and then a fancy dinner.

That’s definitely not something that would brighten up Kourtney’s mood after her split. But maybe another video call with the cute mystery guy does.

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