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5 Famous Haunted Places With Interesting Backstories In The USA

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Yes, you might be wondering this is all a hoax and the only thing that haunts us are internal demons that say stuff like “You’re a piece of shit” or “You’re getting fat, would you stop with the extra fries already”. But hey they’re lying and we are not. Here’s a list of some of the most haunted places around the USA.

1 Eastern State Penitentiary, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Eastern State Penitentiary, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Source: Eastern State

Known for its extreme punishments, the Eastern State Penitentiary was a cruel prison that housed notorious criminals such as Al Capone. It gave each criminal solitary confinement and no one was allowed to interact with anyone else. Truly, an introvert’s dream, the only downside was no Netflix in that era.

Somehow, people came to their senses and it was closed down in 1971, and today is visited by many for ghost tours. People have reported ghost sightings, laughter and hearing footsteps.

2 San Fernando Cathedral, San Antonio

San Fernando Cathedral, San Antonio
Source: rivardreport

Now this place has some interesting history. San Antonia has been the site for many battles and so it’s no surprise that it has some soldiers still trolling those who visit it. There’s even a sighting of a white stallion roaming the halls (you know what you weren’t known for in high school). If that isn’t interesting, then maybe the fact that people are buried in the walls of the church will certainly do.

3 Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast, Fall River, Massachusetts

Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast, Fall River, Massachusetts
Source: Flickr

So, there was this chick by the names of Lizzie Borden. Sounds like a sweet girl who you used to play with in your childhood right. In truth, she was someone who was accused of murdering her own father and stepmother with a damn axe. Just like you, the judges and jury were skeptical about it. There was no proper evidence implicating her, but there was no way anyone else could have done it.

Sometime later in the future the house turned into a bed and beyond (because why not!) and you can actually sleep in the room where this act of rage occurred. The owner herself admits that weird shit happens here like light bulbs burning out and floors creaking, it brings in a lot of ghosts hunters and psychic wanna bes, so she’s chill with it now because who wouldn’t want to cash this in?

4 Lemp Mansion in St Louis, Missouri

Lemp Mansion in St Louis, Missouri
Source: Destination America

The Lemp Mansion was known was its brewery business. The Lemp family can easily be known as having the worst luck in history. Many people committed suicide in the family and the brewery business ended. One of the family members, William Jr. was known to deal with his messed up family by throwing lavish parties Great Gatsby style where he invited prostitutes. He ended up knocking one of them up and then keeping the son, who had Down’s syndrome, in an attic all his life. This boy is given the name “Monkey Face”. Cearly, he was pissed about that so he messes with anyone who roams around those halls.

5 Bell Witch Farm, Adams, TN

Bell Witch Farm, Adams, TN
Source: Mental Floss

So, what would you do if you’re on your deathbed and find out your boyfriend was cheating on you? Tell him you’re going to haunt his ass forever obviously. If that was your answer then you can relate to Kate Batts who literally said that to his boy John Bell. All of you who’ve been cheated on would be pleased to know that Kate lived up to her word. She continued to haunt that place for decades. She was known as the Bell Witch. The womanly ghost did things like throwing things at John and his family. Even stealing their meal while they were eating. I mean she took it a bit too far but hey who can blame her. Go big or go home, am I right?

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