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Get To Know Camila Cabello | Vogue

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Camila Cabello is an American-Cuban singer who rose to fame when she was part of an all-girls band, Fifth Harmony. Th group was formed on the X-Factor in 2012 after which it signed a joint record deal with Epic Records and Syco Music. However, even though she had released a few solo tracks while a part of the band, Camila started her journey as a solo artist in 2016.

And she was very much successful, that’s all we can say. She blessed us with some hit singles like Havana, Never Be The Same and Senorita which is a duet with her beau Shawn Mendes.

While staying in the English countryside, Camila answers Vogue’s 73 rapid-fire questions about love, her new role as Cinderella and more. Read on to get to know more about her.

Camila Cabello On Love

Camila’s recent album, Romance has been doing amazing at the charts. And when asked based on her tour and her album, has she been thinking about romance a lot lately? To which she replied she’s always thinking about romance. Camila Cabello is a hopeless romantic who loves love.


And when asked if she thinks she had to be in love to write the love songs, Camila said it’s not necessarily but those details can only come if you actually feel it. Nobody can make that up in their head. The way their shirt smells, the expression on their face, the way the sky looked that night. These details have to come from real life. And since Camila has a man in her life, she’s well versed in the love business.

Speaking of romance, Camila said the most romantic trait a man can have is kindness. She’s a sucker for a kind, good man.

Camila Cabello As The New Cinderella

The reason she was staying in the English countryside when Vogue decided to knock on her door is that Camila Cabello is currently doing a musical remake of Cinderella. She told Vogue she’s loving playing Cinderella. Anyone who knows her can vouch for her obsession with the Disney world. And to be able to live in that world is a dream come true. She also revealed she’s always been a huge Disney fan, even going as far as to name it her inspiration.

Three Things People Don’t Know

Camila Cabello revealed three things people don’t usually know about her. 1, she eats bananas with every meal, no matter what the meal is. 2, she always sleeps with socks on cause she’s scared the boogeyman will lick her feet. And 3, she had a tick in the 3rd grade where she couldn’t stop flaring her nostrils. And that’s something she hasn’t ever confessed before. Talk about a revealing rapid fire.


Watch the entire video here for more random facts about Camila Cabello.

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