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Jameela Jamil Responds to Piers Morgan Sharing Caroline Flack’s DMs!

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Recently, the beloved Love Island host Caroline Flack committed suicide. The world mourned her tragic death and used it to highlight the importance of mental health. Moreover, notable celebrities like Jameela Jamil also shared how online bullying and harassment can have such drastic consequences. But it seems like the world would never learn. Recently, Piers Morgan shared some private messages he had with Caroline Flack to ‘expose’ Jameela Jamil. The British actress did not let this one slide. She came up with the perfect response.

Piers Morgan Tweet Attacking Jameela Jamil

So, the British television personality shared that Caroline Flack was having a tough time with Jameela Jamil. He wanted to keep things ‘in balance’ because Jameela was recently talking about how online bullying. Online bullying has led Jameela Jamil to depression and suicidal tendencies.

Piers Morgan Tweet Jameela Jamil Caroline Flack

This shows Caroline Flack’s private messages where she shares how she is ‘struggling with Jameela’ and ‘the hate she aims at me’.

What hate did Jameela Jamil give to Caroline Flack?

This is in reference to when Jameela Jamil publicly criticized shows that Caroline Flack was a part of. One of the shows was a reality show called ‘Surjury’. This was a show where people come up and try to convince a jury that them opting for plastic surgery is something that would bring joy to their lives.

When it freshly aired, Jameela Jamil compared it to a dystopian Black Mirror episode:

This is why I said it was like Black Mirror @carolineflack Because it’s a VERY surreal concept that (perhaps unintentionally) will prey on people’s insecurities.

Jameela Jamil has a history of talking about how the media preys on our insecurities and makes us more paranoid about our self-image. It is something that she herself suffered from and which led to her eating disorders and mental disorders.

Though, Caroline Flack may have thought this tweet was aiming hate at her since she was the host of the show ‘Surjury’.

Caroline defended the show by stating:

As you know self-image is a complicated, sensitive and personal subject. At the heart of this show are people not contestants who have sought help to want to better themselves in their own eyes. Their stories deserve to be told and not ridiculed online.”

Jameela Jamil clarifies she was attacking the show’s premise and not Caroline Flack

The Good Place actress was quick to respond to the accusations made by Piers Morgan. Jameela Jamil shared how simply perceived the show ‘Surjury’ was not a good message to send to kids. Moreover, she mentioned how she never had any hate for Caroline Flack and never personally attacked her:

“I simply said I found the show ‘surjury’ (not her) problematic for kids to watch. And that Love Island needed some more diversity. Both times Caroline instigated debate with ME even though I was not targeting or blaming her at all. I always just politely explained my point.”

Furthermore, Jameela also expressed how Piers Morgan was simply doing something that would lead people into harassing Jameela just after she explained how it caused her to be depressed.

Moreover, the British model and actress highlighted how wrong Piers Morgan was exploiting Caroline Flack to create controversy over nothing:

To sell your dead friends private messages for clicks is a low I’ve never imagined anyone capable of.
She ended the whole drama out of respect for Caroline Flack:
Out of respect for Caroline, I will not allow this conversation to carry on in which she can’t respond or speak for herself. She would be disgusted her personal messages were shared and weaponized against a woman, by a bullying parasite she thought was her friend. I’m out.

Even though Piers Morgan is adamant on his stance against Jameela Jamil, it seems like Jameela is trying to rise above the situation.

If you or someone you know is going through anxiety, distress, depression or thoughts of harming yourself, please call National Suicide Prevention Helpline.
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