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Jason Segel Mystery Show ‘Dispatches from Elsewhere’ Out Now

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Jason Segel’s new show on AMC is quirky and weird and it might just be the thing you want to watch! Yes, it is so weird that it might just catch your eye. The show is shot in Philadelphia. Jason Segel stars as Peter in his new AMC series ‘Dispatches from Elsewhere’. It premiered on the first of March 2020.

What’s the show about?

The show begins when Richard E. Grant’s character Octavio Coleman is staring out in the oblivion in front of the bright, orange wall. Segel plays Peter who works in a Spotify-like company in a place called Fishtown. He has a regular, monotonous routine, barely interacts with anyone and knows that his therapist doesn’t fancy him much. But Peter himself is bored with just existing. This is when he spots a street flyer for the Jejune Institute and calls them. He is rummaging around a few iconic Philly buildings while making his way to their headquarters.

Leaving from there, Peter is introduced to Octavio – who’s possibly evil – and things get a lot more interesting for our protagonist.

Jason Segel is also the creator of the show

Jason Segel is not only acting but he is also serving as the show creator of ‘Dispatches From Elsewhere’.

Segel talked about the show after an advanced screening of Episode 1 in Philadelphia on Feb. 28, 2020.

“I was alive with excitement to write it and I got a hold of the creator of the experiment. Pitched him my idea on the phone and he said, ‘Nah, I’m good.’ And he hung up on me. A month later I got an email with a time and a location in San Francisco. I walked in and they said, ‘We’ve been expecting you Mr. Segel,’ and the next day I was put through (something similar to) the induction that you see in the pilot.”

After getting a thumbs up to begin his series on AMC, Segel casted Grant first. Followed by Eve Lindley, who plays Simone. In the pilot, Peter meets her after his induction to the Jejune Institute, and they soon add Janice (Sally Field) and Fredwynn (Andre Benjamin) to their team.

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