He elaborated upon the idea that two nerds and a pretty girl living next to them just didn’t seem interesting enough for him. They came back to him again a couple of times but Macaulay Culkin still rejected the offers.He added,

“Listen, I’d have hundreds of millions of dollars now if I did that gig. At the same time, I’d be bashing my head against the wall.”

The Big Bang Theory actors cast get paid about 9 million dollars per episode. The whole cast is one of the highest paid cast on television of all time which is a big deal. But Macaulay Culkin still sticks to his decisions and preferences.

Another important reason why he rejected these offers was the fact that he just didn’t want to pursue acting anymore. He prefers to live off his savings he made from the hit movies he made as a child. He is more into painting and writing and doing what he genuinely enjoys doing.

It seems like the actor would rather do his own thing than keep chasing after wealth and fame. That’s something interesting to see in this new world where achieving these things seem like priority for many. Macaulay Culkin has reinvented himself and he seems to be doing fine. He has his own website known as bunny years too.

Source: Flickr

Let’s see if he stays content with this life he carved out for himself or looks for something new in the future.