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Kylie Jenner has had enough of 2020

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Have you been feeling bummed out at the start of 2020 too? So many deaths happening around and some deaths of noticeable celebs like Kobe Bryant and now the murder of Pop Smoke. Like so many of us, even Kylie Jenner feels pessimistic and down just at the start of this year, 2020.

The young billionaire took to her tweeter and tweeted,

“Rest in peace Pop Smoke”.

Later, she tweeted again expressing her disappointment  saying: “had enough of 2020.” Fans and followers who might have missed her first tweet about Pop Smoke were too quick on calling her out on this tweet. A fan replied, according to The Blast:

“Yeah? Being a billionaire has been rough for the past few weeks? Having enough money to solve any problem and have no worries is tough this year?”

Another angry fan wrote:

“You’re right, let’s trade bank accounts.


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Kylie Jenner’s wealth:

The entrepreneur has an estimated net worth of $1 billion dollars. She is extravagant and doesn’t shy away from showcasing her branded handbags, a closet full of all kinds of luxury brands, multiple cars and so on. Hence, she isn’t one of the most relatable people on this planet. When asked about her successful, new luxury Cosmetic line she said:

“I am a special case because before I started Kylie Cosmetics, I had a huge platform and lots of fans. I did not get money from my parents past the age of 15. I used 100 percent of my own money to start the company, not a dime in my bank account is inherited… and I am very proud of that.”

Kylie becoming the largest earner of the Kardashian clan is notably the most successful of them. Some fans also showed support to the ultra-elite celebrity and said kind words to show sympathy. They tweeted:
 “Just because Kylie has money doesn’t mean she can’t have a bad day, month or year. She is human just like all of us.”
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