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Indian Grandmas reactions to Queer Eye

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In this day and age, it is important to have a platform for representation of all genders. In this regard, Queer Eye is an essential show of this era. Recently, a video of Indian grandmas surfaced on YouTube where they reacted to the Tan France starrer show.


Created by David Collins, Queer Eye first started streaming on Netflix in 2018

Although it is a reboot of Bravo network’s show of the same name, Queer Eye became one of the most loved shows instantly. According to the format, the Fab Five change lives and make-over homes. The cast consists of five gay men who go to people’s houses and completely change the look. Tan France, the fashion guru, Antoni Porowski, wine and food expert, Karamo Brown, culture expert, Bobby Berk, the design expert and Jonathan Van Ness, the grooming expert. So far, Queer Eye has released five seasons.


On Netflix India’s YouTube channel, Indian grandmas made hilarious comments on Queer Eye

To honor the pride month, Netflix India got together with three grandmas to watch Queer Eye. This setting is interesting because old people are considered to be old-fashioned and not accepting of different sexualities and gender identities. However, these Indian grandmas are changing the stigma related to older people. The hosts, Anirudh and Shruti, sat down to talk about homosexuality, acceptance and coming out stories.

In the video, they got around to talk about the format of the show and the value of kindness

The three grandmas, Sarla Aunty, Mohini Aunty, and Sarita Aunty came together with the hosts to discuss Queer Eye. When asked about the views on homosexuality, they all had varied opinions. While one grandma called it a fact of life, another could not find words to explain it. When introducing the Fab Five, everyone agreed that Antoni was the best of the lot. On having a separate dress code for genders, the Indian grandmas said that it all depends on a person’s choice.

There should be no restrictions on dressing up. When the hosts shared their coming out stories, they got emotional. After the makeover was done, Sarita Aunty declared that the candidate looked like a ‘Raja Bacha’. In the end, all three grandmas agreed that acceptance is the most important key in this day and age. The hosts taught them how to say Yas Queen in Jonathan’s signature style.

If you have not yet seen Queer Eye, you’re missing out on the most wholesome show ever!

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