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Subway Lady Who Sang Lady Gaga’s Shallow Is Actual Singer

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Who else can perfectly complete the “Finish The Lyrics” challenge like this random subway commuter? A couple of days ago, social media was full with this subway lady’s video who was asked to finish the lyrics of Lady Gaga’s Shallow song. The song lyrics have a part where Gaga sings “I’m off the deep end, watch as I dive in”, and this is exactly what we all saw in that video. Amazing as she was, not many people know her but here is a hint: When she admitted that she was a singer, she was not wrong. Charlotte Awbery, the subway lady, has, in fact, thousands of followers on Instagram!

The Subway Lady Charlotte Awbery

The online star shows off her talent by belting out a perfect rendition of a Lady Gaga song. The stunning video attracted 23 million views on Twitter and more overall on other platforms. The video features British personality Kevin Freshwater challenging random passersby to finish the lyrics. The Shallow song is an Oscar-winning creation from the movie A Star Is Born. Watch her complete video below:


This is not the first time that Awbery, or the subway lady, is singing songs in such an amazing voice. She is a professional singer in the UK, leading to some believe that the whole video might have been staged. Regardless, she has been regularly posting her performances on her social media, helping her gather over 371 thousand followers there.  Some of her amazing renditions include Judy Garland’s Over the Rainbow, Sia’s Chandelier, and Celine Dion’s Love Is On The Way.

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Here below she is singing Somewhere Over the Rainbow, originally by Israel. Take a look:


Her massive trend on social media instantly gathered her tonnes of followers who can now enjoy as much of their subway lady performances as they want. Staged or not, we have unearthed a hidden talent, worthy of appreciation.

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