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Grimes Release Album Miss Anthropocene With 2nd Part Coming Soon?

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Singer Grimes has once again taken over the internet for all the right reasons. Her new music album Miss Anthropocene has given us new hope as we venture into a world of ordinary and typical music genres. Only a few months ago, she was all over the internet with her pregnancy announcement. Reports still try their best to link that news with her possible fling with Elon Musk. However, that is not what we are here to talk about. The seven-months pregnant singer has come out with her new 15-track album. Take a look at her album below:

Is Grimes Coming Out With A Two-Part Album?

It was in this YouTube video where she was doing a Q&A session where she might have revealed about this. She talked about how there are stills some unreleased material which is intended for her fifth album. In fact, she also said,

“Miss Anthropocene was a double disc album and I really do need to release a second disc because it is very strong.”

Moreover, Grimes, whose office real name is Claire Boucher, once hinted about a double album before as well. Later, she replied to a fan who wanted to know more about this double album. The fan jokingly said: “but my doctor said my heart can’t handle two Grimes albums at once”. To this, she replied, “they won’t be simultaneous so hopefully u [will] survive”.

This really confirms that she is going to release a double album, but not at the same time. The first album will be with 4AD, which means that Miss Anthropocene is her last music album with the current label. The second album is still unknown. Here is what Variety says about her album:

“Her ultra-high, almost kewpie-doll-like voice – which sounds autotuned even when it’s not – and previous tendency toward cheerleaderesque hooks wore thin quickly and threatened to become creative dead ends. Here, she’s found ways to reshape and reinvent them – and in the process, open up a whole new realm for herself as an artist.”

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