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‘Yesterday’ Movie Review: Perfect Tribute to The Beatles

A review of the movie 'Yesterday', which is a perfect tribute to the Beatles

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What if you woke up one day and find out that you’re the only person on Earth who has heard the Beatles? Not only that, but you’re also a musician with a voice that can do their song justice? That is the premise of the movie ‘Yesterday’. It is a great tribute to the legendary band of the ’60s and their breathtaking music. Yesterday is a movie made to make the audience realize the magnificence of the Beatles. Here is why we think it is a great show of gratitude to the band, validated by none other than Ed Sheeran.

The plot

'Yesterday' Movie Review: A great tribute to the Beatles
Himesh Patel and Danny Boyle

Directed by Danny Boyle and starring Himesh Patel, Lily James, and Kate McKinnon, Yesterday is a love letter to the Beatles. Jack Malick (Himesh) is a struggling musician, with Ellie (Lily James) as his love interest/manager. One day, he wakes up after an accident and realizes something insane. He finds out that he is the only one in the world who remembers the Beatles. Their songs have been wiped out of everyone else’s memory. Once he realizes that, he records their songs and releases them under his own name. As a result, he becomes an instant success.

A surprising performance by Ed Sheeran

An important part of this film was the singing sensation, Ed Sheeran, himself. Ed came into Jack’s life after his initial boost of fame. The lyrics Jack came up with constantly left Ed awestruck. Moreover, he further helped him find a more suitable manager in Kate Mckinnon. Ed Sheeran’s love and admiration for the songs was a testament to how good the Beatles were. It is an acknowledgment of how their songs stood the test of time and aged like fine wine.

Heart-warming fan service

There was some incredible fan service in this film. Firstly, Himesh Patel sang their songs with perfection. Moreover, the idea of the movie was based around the concept that their songs are timeless. If you were a true Beatles fan, chances are you would have left the cinema while dancing and singing to their songs. Moreover, their songs weren’t presented as a money-making machine. Rather, they were depicted as human heritage. They did that by introducing two extra characters, who had remembered the Beatles apart from Jack. When they confronted him, they did not ask him for a stake in the earnings. Instead, thanked him for having the talent to sing and saying that the world deserved to listen to their songs. This idea was nothing less than a love letter to the mythical band.

There was another scene close to the end of the film that left many fans teary-eyed. Remember that this is SPOILER territory now. Jack is able to track down one member of the band, John Lennon, who lives in the countryside right next to the ocean. He meets him and learns that in this alternate life, John made it to his late 70s and lived a happy and content life. John Lennon’s assassination in 1980 left many fans shattered. To this day, his songs have a special place in their heart. Seeing him live a happy life left many fans with tears in their eyes.

Did the movie do justice to The Beatles?

One word answer: Absolutely! All in all, Yesterday was an amazing movie for a Beatles fan. Helen O’Hara wrote this review for this movie and praises it for its unique and edgy idea. If you have followed the band and understand the significance of their songs, there is no way you can dislike this movie. For everyone else, it makes them realize how significant the Beatles were and continue to be.

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