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Mark Ruffalo Is Anti-Fracking!

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Not only is he an incredible actor and performer, but Mark Ruffalo is also a devoted advocate for climate change. Among many causes to save our planet, he strongly supports to ban fracking permanently.

While his acting career speaks for itself, Mark Ruffalo is actively helping to save Earth

Whether it’s his support for abortion laws or equal rights for the LGBTQ community, Mark Ruffalo has always been open about his views. Not only that, he has openly criticized Geroge W Bush for the Iraq war and demanded an apology. In 2008, Mark Ruffalo expressed concerns over gas companies using the technique of hydraulic fracturing. Furthermore, he became anti-fracking’s first famous face.

Although it has been used since 1950, fracking is extremely dangerous

It involves extensive drilling to create cracks in deep-rock formation. After that, petroleum and other natural gases come out more easily and freely. However, there are multiple health risks in this process. Moreover, it causes harm to the environment. It can cause water contamination, air emissions, and climate change. In order to put a ban on this process, Mark Ruffalo has gathered many members of the film industry to join an anti-fracking group called Hollywood United.

In the upcoming elections, Ruffalo has shown his support for Bernie Sanders and thanked him for his support to ban fracking

Recently, US Representative, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, posted a tweet in favor of banning fracking. She said:

Fracking is NOT a transitional fuel, and it is dangerous to say so. Fracking emits methane, which is about **84 TIMES** more powerful than CO2 in contributing to climate change for a generation. This is not a joke. We either commit to the science or not.

In response to this tweet, Mark Ruffalo thanked her and Bernie Sanders to show their support for the anti-fracking movement. He also mentioned how fracking can escalate climate change and poison the drinking water.

His enthusiasm and dedication to these causes is commendable. He is among very few who are so vocal and devoted towards making change. In true terms, Mark Ruffalo is a superhero!

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