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Kris Jenner Caused Fight Between Kardashian Sisters?

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Reality TV show Keeping Up With The Kardashians just got so much more dramatically interesting. In the trailer for the new season, Kim and Kourtney Kardashian tear one another apart. While Kim calls her the least interesting to look at, Kourtney fires back saying that Kim was an evil human being. Even though the trailer was shot months back, it looks like the Kardashian sisters are still not over it. The drama is not resolved yet and Kourtney Kardashian still feels like she is the one continually picked on by her family.

The Kardashian sisters go to twitter to fight

Months later when the season 15 of KUWTK premiered, the Kardashian sisters took their fight to Twitter. So basically, fans saw the fight erupt on the episode. And also caught a live latest version of it on social media. Kim Kardashian started it saying that the episode proved she was right. But Kourtney did not agree and things get twisting. Surprisingly, Khloe Kardashian got involved too.

As the fight unraveled, fans started wondering if this was actually happening. Or was somebody just messing with the strings here? Since Kim and Kourtney Kardashian were seen hanging out together just a few days after the Twitter fight went live, suspicions started rising. People believe that it might be Kris Jenner behind it all! The wild theory suggests that Kris Jenner asked her daughters to publicly hate on one another. Just to spice things up for the upcoming season. Fans even consider that maybe taking the feud to Twitter was Kris Jenner’s idea. Because she must make good money out of all this since the Kardashian sister feud is all that people have been talking about for days now.

Fans are commenting their doubts on Kris Jenner by attacking her in their tweets.

So, even if Kris Jenner did orchestrate all this drama between her daughters to take up the show ratings, she played pretty well. Everything has been about the Kardashian sisters lately. With one thing and the other, all we hear these days is Kim and Kourtney hurling insults at one another. And then backing each other up too when needed. The question pretty much remains the same. Are Kim and Kourtney on bad terms? Or is it just Kris Jenner exploiting things and our attention for viewers and ratings.

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