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Donald Trump Officially Losing His Star of Fame

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President Donald Trump might just lose one public space even if it’s not the Oval Office. Trump’s Hollywood Walk of Fame star might be taken away. Previously, it has been a target of displeasure from celebrities and the common public. Comedian George Lopez even made a video pretending to urinate on the star before walking forward. The star has also been vandalized several times ever since President Donald Trump got elected in 2017. Recently, in July, the star was almost completely destroyed with a pick axe.

When the star was destroyed, the authorities covered it up temporarily. And it was announced that repair works will begin soon. But it seems like the West Hollywood city council has given up on attempting to preserve President Trump’s Walk of Fame star. In a meeting on Monday, the council made a recommendation of removing the star altogether to the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce. The council decided that it would vote on whether President Donald’s Trump Hollywood Walk of Fame star should be removed. The proposal was based on his disturbing treatment of women and also other activities that disregard the shared values of the City of West Hollywood, the region, the state as well as the country.

The resolution also considered various Donald Trump policies while calling out for the removal of his star. Most commonly, his orders to forcibly separate immigrant families, refusing to see the impacts of climatic change, and mistreating transgender individuals were included.

West Hollywood mayor, John Durran made the announcement of removing the President’s star on Twitter.

This is probably the first time that the chamber has taken off somebody from the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Previously, it has repeatedly refused to pull up slabs for ashamed actors as they celebrate the history of the entertainment industry in America. Celebrities like Kevin Spacey and Bill Cosby were exposed during the sexual misconduct movements and even then the council did not step back from their decision of keeping their stars.

This time the council cited several sexual misconduct allegations against Donald Trump as well as other questionable behaviors. According to reports, it said that allowing Trump to still keep his star should not be acceptable in the entertainment industry. Especially, in the wake of movements like #TimesUp and #MeToo.

President Donald Trump was awarded the Hollywood Walk of Fame star for his work on the Miss Universe Pageant. Losing this public space will definitely hit the President’s ego. So the council should get ready for being attacked on his Twitter soon.

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