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PewDiePie Returning on YouTube Tomorrow

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PewDiePie (Felix Kjellberg) recently took a break from YouTube for his mental health. It seems like the break went really well because he is returning to the video-sharing platform sooner than the fans thought.

The break started on January 15th, 2020. PewDiePie’s fans (known often as The Bro Army) spent almost a complete month without the YouTuber’s content. It would be hard for his subscribers because he used to upload videos on a daily basis.

What has PewDiePie been up to?

PewDiePie is not completely cut off from the internet. In fact, we have been getting constant updates on his life thanks to his wife Marzia.



The couple took a trip to Japan and Marzia Kjellberg shared the whole experience with her fans. Moreover, we also got to see PewDiePie having fun at a Karaoke bar thanks to ‘The Anime Man’ YouTuber Joey Bizinger:

I did not know I needed to hear PewDiePie’s rendition of ‘Numa Numa’ until I watched this clip. Thank you, Joey!

PewDiePie previously opened up about the hardships of YouTube

In all of these clips and pictures, it is obvious that the YouTuber truly enjoyed time away from the screen. I’m sure the fans would be happy to see him relaxing. PewDiePie has previously shared the toll a YouTube job takes on the content creators.

In a 2017 video titled ‘Forced Positivity on YouTube’, the YouTuber shared how there’s this trend of YouTubers faking happiness just to be able to satisfy the subscribers:

I think a lotta people on YouTube are drawn to positivity and I think a lot of YouTubers are aware of this. And that’s why they’re forcing positivity on YouTube! But, the thing that I realized after doing YouTube for two years. Forcing positivity. it’s fucking exhausting!

He didn’t like how it turns any content creator into this fake persona. After this, he started making content that just made him happy and something where he could be honest with himself. Though, uploading on a daily basis is tough! It’s understandable that he would need a break. Felix took a break from YouTube to ‘reset’ and focus on himself.

PewDiePie Returns After Much needed break

Now that he’s ready to be back, fans could not be happier! In an Instagram story, the YouTuber shared that he will come back:

“Tomorrow, I’m back from break guys, so look forward to it for tomorrow’s upload. It’s going to be a video for the first time in 30 days… see you guys tomorrow.”

Well, everyone would be excited to hear from Felix! Would it be a Meme Review or a vlog about his time in Japan? Let’s see what happens!

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