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Kylie Jenner Golden Goddess in Travis Scott’s New Music Video

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Kylie Jenner appears in her boyfriend Travis Scott‘s new music video. The video for the song Stop Trying to be God starts with a rapping sheep. But the weirdness just does not end there. It moves on to show cities in flames, laser beams coming from people’s eyes, and a baptism pool party. In this ruined world of Travis Scott’s music video, Kylie Jenner appears as the shining light.

Kylie Jenner is literally shining in the video. Covered from head to toe, in a shimmering golden highlight, Kylie Jenner takes a Mother Mary position. While sitting in a stable which is coated in diamonds, Kylie cradles a rapping sheep. The video and lyrics depict how Travis Scott attempts to explore God’s complexity like some artists do. Through it, he has sent out a warning to the public of the deadly consequences they can face if they mistake their celebrities as being a God among them. So in the video, Travis Scott has shown everything destroyed by God with His laser eyes. And later it’s all reincarnated as a baby lamb that Kylie Jenner is cradling.

The whole thing looked pretty much like a bizarre crazy dream. But maybe that’s how the world looks to Travis Scott. Kylie is a golden goddess, and that makes sense considering their relationship. Fans can’t help wonder where their baby Stormi is. And why isn’t she in the video if that’s how Travis Scott pictures his life.

People are wondering how Kylie Jenner agreed to be a goddess in her boyfriend’s extravagant music video. But then, she comes from the Kardashian lot. Being extra is one thing that they’re good at. Kylie Jenner herself has created some crazy ways of getting popular. The 20-year old cosmetic mogul who plans on becoming the world’s youngest self-made billionaire. Apparently, the reality TV star is just $100 million away from achieving that.

Fans are actually helping Kylie Jenner gather the funds to become the youngest billionaire. While somebody actually proposed the idea on Twitter, people who consider the Kardashians ridiculous were quick to comment their views.

But people are still absolutely serious. A GoFundMe Campaign has been initiated in Kylie’s honor by the Instagram celebrity Josh Ostrovsky. Up till now, $268 have been raised in her behalf.

So, it looks like with these crazy ideas, Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner are a perfect match for one another!

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