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Ana De Armas: ‘Knives Out’ Star An Upcoming Sensation

With her recent work, Ana De Armas has made a name for herself and is the upcoming Hollywood star

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Knives Out was a massive success at the Box Office, and Ana De Armas stole the show with her performance. However, this wasn’t Ana De Armas’s first performance on the silver screen. She is one of the emerging stars in Hollywood and has done quite some noticeable work in the past. That, coupled with her upcoming projects, makes her a true upcoming sensation in Hollywood.

Past Work: Blade Runner 2049 and Knives Out

Ana De Armas’s performance in Blade Runner 2049 received quite a lot of praise. She played the role of an AI-powered digital companion to Ryan Gosling’s Blade Runner replicant. If that wasn’t challenging enough, she had an intimate relationship with him too. That made the dynamics of her character complicated and challenging. However, she performed admirably well, never feeling out of character even once. Her scenes with Ryan were breathtaking and heartbreaking, all at the same time. This was because even though she was AI-powered, she never felt artificial and longed to have a physical presence. She nailed her role completely.

Ana De Arma’s in one of Blade Runner 2049’s promotional posters

Ana De Armas’s performance in Blade Runner must have helped her to land the role of Marta Cabrera on Knives Out. Marta’s role varied throughout the film, first as a bystander and then slowly solidifying herself as a major stakeholder. Throughout the film, the audience had positive remarks for Ana. Her performance gave her even more recognition and fame than before, which has now helped her in propelling her career even further. Ana had also done recognizable work in War Dogs and Knock Knock. However, Blade Runner and Knives Out gave her the break she truly deserved.

Future Projects: Bond Girl and Marilyn Monroe

Knives Out has given Ana De Armas a major break, as she is now the new Bond Girl. She is going to star alongside Daniel Craig in the new Bond film, ‘No Time to Die’. If that wasn’t enough, she is also being teased to play Marilyn Monroe in the upcoming film ‘Blonde’. Marilyn Monroe is one of the most renowned celebrities from the ’60s and it is an honor for any actress to play her character.

Jamie Lee Curtis had this to say about her when she was interviewed by Vanity Fair for Ana’s own cover story:

She is remarkable. She’s going to be like Sophia Loren, one of those rare crossover worldwide sensations. She’s got this exquisite depth and is singularly gentle and insanely beautiful, but also she is a girl from Cuba so there’s that tenacity and perseverance and fierceness to her.

It is evident that Knives Out has shot Ana De Armas up on the headlines of movies as well as Vanity Fair. She has a long and illustrious career ahead of her, and we wish her nothing but good luck for her future.

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