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Camila Cabello ‘My oh My’ Music Video Breakdown

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My oh My! Camila Cabello’s ‘Romance’ album has been out for quite some time now. And it sure is romantic. The tracks on the album are going to leave you wanting your significant other around. Not to mention, ’tis the season for love! So, Camila Cabello and her tracks are the absolute favorite picks for this month. with tracks like ‘The First Time’, ‘Bad Liar’ and ‘Seniorita’, the album got its well-deserved recognition all around the world. Last week though, right before Valentine’s Day hit, Camila released the video to her track, ‘My Oh My’ from the album.

Camila Cabello My Oh My Music Video Breakdown

So, the video is basically a black and white video for it’s the most part. It starts off with our Queen Camila as a Hollywood star. She’s shooting for a movie role where Camila is seemingly the damsel in distress among a couple of guys shooting at each other. Camila takes out a knife as she does not want to be a naive girl. The scene is cut and it turns to the next shot where Camila is asking her manager that she wants to be like the guy in the poster that shows a hunk with the label, ‘There’s a new badass in town’.  However, since she is a woman, she is portrayed as a weak and helpless girl. Pretty much a depiction of how sexism works.

Enter: DaBaby.  His rap part shows himself and Camila in a car as she is dancing in the car however she likes. Next, she’s seen at a party which, might be the ‘success party’ of the movie poster she tears apart using a display sword. Again, the movie stars her with the title ‘Helpless Victim’. Personally, I think that is a little too exaggerated. But it’s just a tool to make a point.

However, soon enough, she changes her managing company to one of DaBaby’s as he shows her ex-manager and playwrights a wad of cash that he is offering her. Also, he’s letting her be her own hero in her stories. All in all, the video is probably portraying how the industry expects women to just be naive and nice, pretty ladies. The world is changing now, though, Or it needs to. Not to mention how much we loved the fierce red outfit!

Grab yourself the album if you haven’t already! It’s got some amazing tracks.

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