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Ricky Gervais Wants To End Trophy Hunting

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Not only is he a talented comedian and actor, but Ricky Gervais is also a devoted animal rights supporter. Time and again, he has spoken up against animal hunting. Now he wants to end trophy hunting once and for all.

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Elephants love their children too. #BanTrophyHunting

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Ricky Gervais is one of the celebrities to openly talk against trophy hunting.

Although it gets a lot of opposition, trophy hunting is still considered a thrill for hunters. It involves killing wild animals and then keeping a part of their bodies as trophies. Ricky Gervais has been opposing it actively. Not only is his voice heard by millions on social media, but Ricky Gervais was also awarded the Cecil Award. He was also awarded by an animal protection group, The Humane Society International. In order to thank Ricky Gervais for his efforts, they said:

“The fight against trophy hunting… has become tougher over the past two years… But there is also much to celebrate… With prominent individuals like Ricky Gervais….embracing our cause, the wind is at our backs.”

In a radio show, Ricky Gervais asked his fans to stand up against animal hunters and poachers

While on-air, Gervais said that the money from the poaching and trophy hunting goes in the pockets of corrupt people. He said that it is disgusting to see people taking selfies with dead animals and then posting it online. Ricky Gervaise consequently requested people to come forward and help him put an end to trophy hunting for life.

Although multiple celebrities are associated with animal charities, very few are as vocal as Gervais. His support and love for animals go beyond social media. He has also stated that he will leave his fortune to animal charities. Now he’s on a mission to end animal hunting forever.

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1 Comment
  1. Howard Williams says

    Ricky Gervais is a funny guy but when it comes to hunting, he is sadly ignorant. In South Africa, 40 million acres of conservation farms are supported by hunting. They produce more than 100,000 TONS of red meat a year by harvesting 1.2 million animals out of the 16 -20 million on those farms. All of the animals are INCREASING in number and thanks to the farmers and hunters, they will never become extinct. Trophy hunters take a trophy from about 0.02% of those animals but nothing is wasted – the meat and by-products all get used. It is a modern farming industry and the wildlife industry in SA employs 100,000 people.
    Trophy hunting has changed since Victorian times, by Gervais doesn’t seem to know. In South Africa and the SADC region, it is very carefully controlled by government, scientists, vets and wildlife field managers. The animals belong to Africans and foreigners have no right to interfere just to make themselves more famous.

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