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Shaun Weiss Arrested

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Shaun Weiss, the Mighty Ducks costar was arrested earlier on Sunday morning. Apparently, the actor was high on drugs and behaving strangely with a flashlight. According to a police official, Shaun Weiss was found by patrolling officers. At the time of his arrest, he was present outside a closed business complex with three other individuals. The entire group carried flashlights and was behaving erratically. With Shaun Weiss continually shining his light in his face, the officers on duty suspected that he was under influence of either drugs or alcohol.

Shaun was on drugs

Eventually, with subsequent contact, the authorities confirmed that Shaun was under influence. Even though the specific drug could not be confirmed, they did not take a blood sample. The actor was arrested and held behind bars for a few hours. Once he sobered up, he was allowed to leave without any charges. According to the police Lt. Chris Nicodemus, it was a routine occurrence in public intoxication arrests in California. He further cited a law that permitted such sorts of releases without charges. As per his cited law, in similar cases, no further proceedings were considered desirable.

The authorities who arrested Shaun Weiss claimed that he was nowhere near combative at that time. In fact, his humor particularly amused and surprised the police officers. The actor kept being witty instead. This was Shaun Weiss’ first interaction with Oroville police. However, the star has previously been charged with a misdemeanor with drug possession in California. Back in 2017, he was sentenced to 90 days in jail for these charges.

Shaun Weiss is most famous for his role as a child actor in the 90’s film Mighty Ducks. His widest screen released remains the Drillbit Taylor from 2008 which stars Owen Wilson as well. Shaun last appeared on the screens back in 2016 for Netflix & Chill.

Following the arrest, there has been no word from Shaun Weiss. His managers have not responded to requests for comments.

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