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Chris Pratt Spills Tea on Jurassic World 3 On Ellen Degeneres Show

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Guess who was recently seen on The Ellen DeGeneres Show? Our favorite Hollywood actor Chris Pratt! The Guardians Of The Galaxy actor came to prominence with small TV roles in OC, Parks, and Recreation and then in films like Moneyball, The Five Year Engagement, and Her. He lead-starred in the sci-fi thriller Jurrasic World in 2015 followed by Jurassic World: the Fallen Kingdom in 2018. He is now gearing up for Part 3 of Jurassic World and spilled quite some tea about the movie while speaking to Ellen. Oh, and some details about a ‘huge’ sunburn too. Keep reading to find out.

Chris Pratt talks about Jurassic World 3 on Ellen DeGeneres Show

Speaking about the upcoming Pixar ‘Jurassic World’ movie Chris Patt shared something exciting. He said the movie is actually very moving and will surely make you cry and laugh.

He also shared the films’ plot- two brothers go on a quest through a fantasy world to bring back their dad who they lost at a young age.

He added,

It’s so moving, I choke up every time I talk about this.

There is actually a true back story to the plot, too. And Chris Pratt continued to share that.

Dan Scanlon, our director, and his brother, they lost their father when they were very young. He doesn’t remember ever meeting his dad. And there was a moment in his life where they found these audiotapes that may have had his dads’ voice.

And he’d never heard his dad’s voice

So, they pored through these audiotapes which made them miss their dad even more. Finally, they heard him say:

“Hello, goodbye.”

Chris Pratt shared that this was the seed of the idea. To create a story about two boys who want to bring their dad back for a day.

He promised that it is an awesome movie, and is very well-written. According to him, the script is “unbelievable.”

Additionally, the entire original Jurassic World cast will be in it. So that’s even better!

It’s going to feel very much like, how Endgame brought everything together in Marvel.

And a massive sunburn from his honeymoon

Chris Pratt is married to Katherine Schwarzenegger, daughter of Arnold Schwarzenegger since last June.

He also uncovered the details behind a picture he shared from his honeymoon, exposing his back- completely red and sun-burnt.

Jokingly Chris shared that he looks tan in all his movies but it’s a spray-on. So he thought he should get himself a little color.

He added that it took no more than 9 minutes to get this deep tan. They were at a tropical location and Chris remembers Katherine saying, “You have to put on sunscreen.”

Alas, he said no, and viola!

“I laid out and said *sniffing* is someone cooking Norwegian bacon?” It happened so fast I forgot how translucent my skin is.”

Well, we love Chris Pratt for giving us a good laugh, always. And we are now even more excited for Jurassic World 3 to come out! We’ll update as soon as there’s more news.

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