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The 5 Stages Of Dating | By Lilly Singh

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Relationships can be complicated, we all realize that every day. But once you start getting older, there are so many things going on in the world of dating that you’re completely unaware of. As Lilly says, it’s funny how dating changes as you get older. In your 20s, you date people for who they can become. But in your 30s, you date people for whatever it is they are.


There is more than one variable to navigate through, like a maze. You don’t know where every turn will lead you. Sometimes there’s no way forward, sometimes there are a couple of wrong turns. And there’s a very good chance you won’t make it out to the finish line with your sanity intact. Sounds familiar, right?

Lilly Singh breaks down the five stages of dating on her show, A Little Late With Lilly Singh. Although she admits she’s not good at relationships, she’s on point with these five stages. And you’d be surprised to know how hard it is to date in today’s era where ironically everywhere you see are couples falling in love.

The Five Stages Of Dating By Lilly Singh

Stage 1: The Crush

You know that feeling you get when your crush walks past you and you instantly melt into a puddle? Yep, that’s stage 1. And it ends pretty quickly. You feel butterflies in your stomach every time he/she is near you. When you sit in class and daydream about them. When all you want is for them to notice you.

And then they do. And y’all start dating. Which brings us to;

Stage 2: Dating

And according to our love guru, Lilly, this is the stage where you have to establish the parameters of your relationship. These days, there is a whole new set of rules before you date. Instead of the simple question, Would you like to be my boyfriend/girlfriend? There are some complex ones. For example, are you sleeping with other people? And how many? Should I also be sleeping with other people? How many people can I sleep with? Etc Etc.

And if you manage to be exclusive, you move on to the next phase;

Stage 3: The Honeymoon Phase

The first couple of months of the relationship are always the calmest. Everything feels new and you start having delusional thoughts like maybe you could marry this person. But you’re immediately brought down from the roller coaster when you realize you don’t even know the basic details about this person. And then you’re bound to hit a couple of bumps in the road. Which leads to the next step.

Stage 4: The First Fight

This is a major stepping stone in any relationship. Because during the fight, all you can think is, “What was I even thinking?” But then, as Lilly said, they say the two most beautiful things they can say in a relationship to any woman, “You’re right.” Oh, chills.

And once you see their ugly side and they see yours, it’s easy to move on to the last and personally, my favorite stage in a relationship.

Stage 5: The Sweatpants Stage

This is when you’re completely comfortable with each other. You start eating carbs again, you don’t get up in the morning before them to brush your teeth or put some concealer on. And there are more date nights staying in than going out.

And there you have it. The five absolutely accurate stages of a relationship as told by Lilly Singh.

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