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7 Street Musicians That Conquered The Music Industry

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Great news you struggling Street Musicians! You don’t have to be raised by a rich ass family in order to make it big as a star. Sometimes you need auto-tune but for the most part, if you have a talent and a passion so strong that even Hitler would envy, then even singing on the street will one day make you famous.

Let’s take a look at seven such stories of success:

1 Janis Joplin

Janis Joplin
Source: The Blues Mobile

Joplin remains an icon to this day for her blues with the added appeal of her Southern choruses. She used to perform on the street with other street musicians with zero planning; a true representation of the fragile beauty of the 60s contrasted with drugs and alcohol. Soon she joined the band Big Brother, became popular, and gave us masterpieces such as “Piece of my Heart”.

2 Edith Piaf

Edith Piaf
Source: Youtube

The trademark of the French music industry, the lady behind the famous song ‘non, je ne regretted rion’ would not have been discovered had she not been performing in a narrow alleyway, outside a nightclub. She ascended the ladder from street performer to the ‘little sparrow’ of France in her teens with an Oscar-winning film based on her life setting the final diamond in the glittering tiara of her legacy.

3 Woody Guthrie

Woody Guthrie
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Plagued by familial and financial troubles, this bad boy turned to the streets to make some bucks out of his music. He ended up using it as a tool for spreading important social issues and getting people woke by his catchy tunes that were way ahead of his time. He soon gained admiration from all around the world.

4 Jewel

Source: YouTube

Jewel Kilcher began her journey as a street musician after completing her first semester at an arts school in Michigan. Armed with her guitar, her knowledge of music and a knife, she set out to travel. After graduation, she lived in her car as she went around, playing in cafes and on the street until Atlanta records picked her. Her first album sold more than 10 million copies, and she received critical acclaim for her amazing vocals in Pieces of You.

5 Tracy Chapman

Tracy Chapman
Source: Public Radio International

While a university student, Tracy Chapman played nearby Harvard Square, a cool place for all the street musicians to hang around. By happenstance, her friend’s father got to know of her musical abilities and helped her sign some important labels that paved her way to success.

6 Rod Stewart

Rod Stewart
Source: Ticket Crusader

Stewart started his street performances with Wizz Jones at Leicester Square and other famous London hotspots and later went on to become one of the most loved icons of British rock and roll music.

7 B. B. King

B. B. King
Source: Wikipedia

Not but not the least among the list of great street musicians is “King” who is nothing less than a legend when it comes to the blues. He virtually transformed the music industry with his insane skills on the guitar. He also took to the streets with his trusty guitar and got dimes in alleys and on street corners, sometimes playing in multiple towns in one night. His busking heavily influenced and enhanced his future work.

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