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Ruby Rose Cast As Lesbian Batwoman: How Times Changed

Batwoman was actually created to tell people Batman Isn't Gay

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Ruby Rose was just cast as Batwoman for CW, as told by Variety. Not only that but her character is going to be from the LGBT community. Yes folks, Batwoman will be a lesbian. It’s a huge deal because a queer actor is actually playing a main character who is also queer.

The character was announced as starring in the CW debut of a crossover event between the DC universe’s four major shows of Supergirl, The Flash, Legend of Tomorrow and Arrow.

Origins of Batwoman: To Tell People Batman Isn’t Gay

To those of you who aren’t hardcore comic book fans of the DC universe, you might not know the origin of the Batwoman character in the show. Batwoman was introduced in the edition #233 mainly to counteract this belief of the masses that Batman and Robin were gay. There was a book called “Seduction of the Innocent” written by Freidric Whertman in 1954 that spread around this idea that comic books were a bad influence on the teenager by giving ideas of delinquency. Since, that wasn’t 2018, homosexuality in that time was considered as deviant and immoral. Batman and Robin’s platonic friendship was seen as something causing a moral panic for Whertman.

So to blow out this fire, the comic book creators had to create this character for Batman. The heroine love interest that would quell down any fear that Batman is gay. Hence, the fierce and stunning Batwoman was entered in the Detective Comics Universe. Her real name was Katherine Kane and she also did justice as Batman did.

Batwoman in 2018

We need to consider how big of a deal it is. Considering the origins of the character, who was only created to ensure the ignorant status quo was met up. Now, we get a comic book hero on our screens that is the very opposite of that and that’s something great.  Batwoman, played by Ruby Rose, will be armed with not only a thirst for justice but also bold enough to speak her mind on anything she wants to. She isn’t afraid to right the wrongs of the world, even if its ideological battles she has to fight. In our progressive world where people still have traditional prejudices and biases in them, it would be remarkable to see how the fictional world of the beloved universe mirrors that.

But Batwoman won’t be a perfect hero, like Batman she also has her own demons to fight. Adding to her complexities, we’ll get to see how she fights injustice and becomes a role model for everyone in society, especially those from the LGBT community.

Ruby Rose As Batwoman

What makes this whole project even more perfect is the fact that Ruby Rose is cast as batwoman. Ruby Rose is a famous celebrity who identifies as queer. We all know her from Orange is the New Black. For ages we have had gay actors play straight characters so there’s also been a problem of representation. However talented actors are for playing something they aren’t, it’s just different to see a gay character on the screen played by an actual gay actor. The emotions feel more real and more relatable. Actors can add their own bits and pieces to add authenticity and it’s something that would highly be appreciated by the LGBT community.

That’s what Ruby Rose said in her interview with Jimmy Fallon. She talked about how important it is for people like her to have real and proper representation like this. She says,

Growing up watching TV, I never saw someone on TV I could identify myself with, let alone a superhero.

A superhero she is and forever will be. This will definitely be an iconic time in history for a lot of us. It makes it even better that Ruby Rose had bats in her house growing up and was fascinated by them. She used to have cardboard wings and used to fly with them. Let’s see how great this show turns out!

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