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House of the Dragon: Perfect Prequel for Game of Thrones?

The universe of Game of Thrones is immense. Would House of the Dragon be the perfect prequel for the iconic show?

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As we all know, Game of Thrones is set to have a prequel in 2022 and has been named ‘House of the Dragon’. It is inspired by George RR Martin’s recent book House of the Dragon. It dives deep into the 300-year long dynasty of House Targaryen, which includes events like Aegon’s conquest and the Dance of Dragons. These events make for quite an interesting, however, the Game of Thrones universe is immense. It is riddled with many events that have shaped the world as we know it across a span of 12,000 years.

When George RR Martin announced the prequel, the entire fan base was excited. Everyone wanted to know about the universe in great depth. However, many book fans argued that several other events could have made for a better show.

A Longer Night than Game of Thrones

This Long Night is quite different from the one we got to see in the final season of Game of Thrones. This was a period of complete winter and darkness that lasted for 20 years. It took place nearly 8000 years before Aegon’s conquest and changed Westeros for thousands of years. The white walkers were behind it and left an indelible mark on the people of Westeros. In order to protect the people from another Long Night, Bran the builder built such a huge wall and formed the Night’s watch.

The role of Bran the builder didn’t just end there but also built both Storm’s End and Winterfell. In addition to that, he also started House Stark and all Starks trace their lineage from him. A Game of Thrones prequel on the Long Night instead of House of the Dragon would have been an epic saga.

The Valyrian Freehold – Origin of the Dragons

Valyria has not been explored much in Game of Thrones, but it has a rich back story. Targaryens, the most popular house of the dragon traces their lineage from this peninsula in Essos. It was a volcanically active peninsula with many houses with similar traits as the Targaryen’s. They were invincible for almost 5,000 years in Essos, thanks to blood magic and dragons. George modeled them after the Romans and their domination in the ancient world. They were a civilization way ahead of their time.

House of the Dragon Game of Thrones
An artist’s depiction of the Valyrian freehold

However, doom awaited Valyria and the peninsula, as it was engulfed in its volcanic fires some 400 years before Aegon’s conquest. Only House Targaryen and its dragons could survive the doom, along with a few minor houses. They fled to Dragonstone, from where Agon the conqueror began his march into Westeros. That is where the events of House of the Dragon take place.

HBO has given this series quite a lot of attention and for good reason. They have made superstars out of Peter Dinklage, Amelia Clarke, Sophie Turner, and Kit Harrington. The work that HBO did with this show will live on for decades. Considering how vast the Game of Thrones universe is, HBO can easily shoot many more spin-offs and still captivate the audience.

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