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Disney’s Onward Is Officially Underway With World Premiere

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Disney has been making some really heartfelt movies, and when it comes to a collaboration with Pixar, the scales go off the charts. For the moviegoers, maybe it is best if they leave their makeup at home and only bring tissues to wipe away their tears. Because this is how much touching the Disney-Pixar movie is going to be. New movie Onward is officially underway as it gets a world premiere that will kick off its launch worldwide. The event featured appearances from the lead voice roles, Tom Holland and Chris Pratt.

Pratt’s Advice For Disney Movie Onward

If you would like to take Chris Pratt’s advice, then we suggest that you “bring as many tissues as you think you might need”. Honestly, we suggest that you would need “four boxes”. The lead voice alongside Tom Holland is not mentioning the emotional wreck of the movie for the first time. Apart from Onward world premiere, he admitted that talking about the premise of the movie makes him choke every time.


The movie’s premise comes from writer Dan Scanlon. They lost his father at an incredibly early age, not getting a chance to meet his father even at birth. Years later, he finds old tapes and starts going through the collection, hoping to hear the voice of his late father. But when he does get to find a single tape, all it contains is “hello” and “goodbye”. Watch the trailer of the movie below, Onward is on-point:

“I think because we try to tell a personal story or an honest story, there’s going to be truths in there. When you do something that’s funny and create a character that’s funny, if you do anything to them, [the audience is] going to cry. You know what I mean?”

The Onward world premiere audience knows exactly what Scanlon meant when he said this. The movie started out with giggles and a few laughs, eventually turning the hall quiet in the end. One could almost hear sniffles even. Perhaps we really do need those four boxes, Pratt.

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