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Wendy Williams Criticized for Mocking Amie Harwick’s Death

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Another day, another tasteless joke from Wendy Williams. This time, she did not even consider the sad occasion and joked about Amie Harwick’s death on her show. However, she has received immense backlash from celebrities and viewers of her show.


A horrific domestic violence act caused Amie Harwick’s death

Formerly engaged to The Price is Right host, Drew Carey, Amie Harwick was a well-known couple and sex therapist. After an ex-boyfriend, Gareth Pursehouse, made a forced entry, he attacked her. In an attempt to escape from him, she fell out of a balcony which caused Amie Harwick’s death. The news left her family and ex-fiancee devastated. Drew Carey has also shared a petition to change domestic violence laws.


Just after a few days, Wendy Williams made an inappropriate joke about Amie Harwick’s death

During her ‘The Wendy Williams Show’, Wendy shares the latest news on the segment, Hot Topics. While she shared the news of Amie Harwick’s death, Wendy Williams began by saying that she was not killed by Drew but an ex-boyfriend. After that, she mimicked the catchphrase of Price is Right, ‘Come on down!’ while looking down on the floor as if something has fallen. However, the audience did not react or laugh at her joke and stayed silent.

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After this joke, Wendy Williams received a lot of backlash

Although this is not the first time where her statement received backlash, people took to Twitter to express their anger. Among them was the son of Ozzy Osbourne, Jack Osbourne. He shared a tweet which said:

Amie was a friend. How dare you be so rude and shallow to make a “joke” out of something that is not funny in the slightest. She was tragically murdered, yet you somehow tried to make light of that. Shame on you. Smh.

Some called her behavior disgusting while others demanded her resignation.

Previously, she was called out on her hateful comment about LGBTQ community and making fun of Joaquin Phoenix’s lip. It seems that it’s one of her strategies to stay in the news. However, if she continues doing that, one of these days might be her last day on the job.

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