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NikkieTutorials Receives Backlash On Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Palette Review

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Recently makeup mogul and YouTuber NikkieTutorials posted a video review of the Jaclyn Hill X Morphe Volume 2 eyeshadow palette. Nikkie mostly praised the eyeshadow palette and even said that it’s better than the first volume which was a phenomenal success. While NikkiTutorials is one of the most trusted influencers currently, some people are calling her out for not being honest considering she is a Morphe affiliate. Is NikkieTutorials video sponsored? Keep reading to find out all the scoop.

NikkieTutorials faces backlash after new Jaclyn Hill palette review

For many of us who didn’t look so deep, NikkieTutorial’s latest review of the Jaclyn Hill eyeshadow palette was quite comprehensive and realistic. She created two completely different looks using the new Jaclyn Hill palette and she let the results speak for themselves. There were no obvious blending or pigment pay-off issues and neither did she point anything out.

But some people noticed something. And NikkieTutorials is not spared of the criticism by them.

Basically Nikkie uses some icons to symbolize what the products used in the video really stand for. This is a way to honestly share if a product is,

a) bought with own money

b) received in PR

c) sponsored

d) affiliate code

Now, Kevin James Bennet first pointed out that the review was marked as sponsored and that Nikkie is a Morphe affiliate. He asked, how is the review credible?

He also added that he took screenshots where the icon is flashing.


So what is the reality?

Soon enough, many other users flocked in to share their two cents. A number of users noticed the sponsored icon flashing periodically in the video, meanwhile, the video description clearly says it is not sponsored.

Others also pointed out that as Nikkie is an Affiliate for Morphe Jaclyn Hill palette, and is sharing the affiliate code. So, she obviously wants people to buy the product. Hence, the positive review.


Meanwhile, one user said that Nikkie appreciated the blending of the purple shade in the Jaclyn Hill palette. Even though the viewer did not feel the same way about it.


NikkieTutorials responds

Finally, Nikkie responded directly on Twitter. She clarified two times that Morphe did not pay her for the video and she isn’t a sponsor for the palette.


We understand that there still might be some confusion regarding the situation. But we’re going to take NikkieTutorials word for it. We love her as an influencer, as a person, as a makeup artist, and for product reviews.

And as far as we remember she did mention that the Jaclyn Hill palette had some fall-out, and that some shades were repetitive. We give her credit for honesty and do not doubt her credibility.

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