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The Brit Awards | Interesting Highlights

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The Brit Awards 2020 finally took place in all their glory. The annual popular music awards first took place in 1977 and have a historical and prestigious significance in the music industry. Like always, this year too, the awards showcased the biggest names, some amazing performances, and recognized incredible talent. Today we list down all the interesting highlights from the events that will surely be memorable.

The Brit Awards | Interesting Highlights

Lewis Capaldi wins and gives *censored* acceptance speech

Scottish singer-songwriter Lewis Capaldi bagged two awards, first for ‘Best New Artist’ and also for ‘Best Song’ for ‘Someone You Loved.’ This song also topped US Charts and won a Grammy nomination.

When Lewis Capaldi got on stage to accept his award, he did something interesting. After half a minute of silence as Capaldi approached the podium, he simply took a swig of beer from a bottle of Red Stripe. Then he said something really short. And you probably didn’t hear it. No, it wasn’t a technical error. A graphic on the screen explained that it was muted.


So what were those words? We found out. Capaldi said:

“Thank you very f**king much, see you in a bit. Good night.

Short, precise, and sweet.

South-London rapper Dave attacks Boris Johnson for racism and unfair media treatment of Meghan Markle & Kate Middleton

Dave won the award ‘Best Album Of The Year’  for Psychodrama at The Brit Awards 2020. But the bigger highlight was how he accused prime-minister Boris Johnson of being racist.

This happened on stage while he performed the song ‘Black’, a track that sheds light on the difficulties faced by Black Britons. Towards the end, he added a final verse:

 “It is racist, whether or not it feels racist, the truth is our prime minister’s a real racist / They say – ‘you should be grateful, we’re the least racist’ / I say the least racist is still racist.”

He then proceeded to talk about British medias’ unfair press coverage of Meghan Markle in comparison with Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge:

 “If you don’t want to get it, then you’re never gonna get how the news treats Kate versus how they treated Meghan.”

Lastly, he raised voice for the 2017 Grenfell tragedy and its victims as well as the Windrush Scandal. He rapped:

Grenfell victims still need accommodation / and we still need support for the Windrush generation / reparations for the time our people spent on plantations.”

Mabel wins Best British Female Solo Artist award

Mabel kicked-off the award night with a stunning and fun performance of ‘Don’t Call Me Up’, the song that also won her a nomination at The Brit Awards 2020.

She later won the award for British Female Solo Artist. Mabel was also the only woman who was shortlisted across 25 slots in the mixed British award categories of best song, album, group, and new artist.

Billy Eilish live-debut of ‘No Time To Die’

Another highlight at The Brit Awards was Billy Eilish’s performance with her brother Finneas playing the piano and Johnny Marr on the guitar. The song she performed is actually the theme song for the new James Bond movie.

And her vocals, range, and notes were completely immaculate!

Those were some of the best moments and highlights from The Brit Awards 2020. You should surely catch them if you haven’t watched the entire ceremony. We certainly enjoyed watching the night full of magic and music.

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