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What Beyonce Had to Say About Her Life

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Beyonce will be appearing on the Vogue Cover September issue. With the appearance, Beyonce has shared a lot. About her life, and personal outlook on it.

The singer is accepting herself for what life has given her. Her pregnancy, and the body changes it brought. Beyonce opened up about how she treated herself after giving birth. When she did it for the first time, she fell into the pressures of society and lost all her baby weight in just three weeks. She even scheduled a tour to make sure she would do it. But this time with the twins, she has approached herself differently. Beyonce revealed that she had the twins through C-section which made some lasting changes to her body. But during the recovery, the singer did not rush into getting back in shape. She pampered herself with self-love and self-care for almost six months till she had to start preparing for Coachella.

Beyonce accepted her body curves for all the time that she spent in recovery. And she feels that women and men need to be able to appreciate the beauty in their natural bodies. This thought is the reason behind Beyonce stripping off her wigs and hair extensions before appearing on the Vogue cover. She even used minimal makeup and wanted to look as natural as she could. Right now when she looks at herself, she feels satisfied. Even when her breasts, arms, and thighs are fuller, Beyonce is ready to embrace it at all.

Beyonce further reveals that she is happy to broaden her vision and wants to help open doors for younger artists. She recalled that 21 years back, she was told that she could never shoot for magazine covers because back people don’t make it up to there. But here she is, as an African American posing for the Vogue cover for the most important month. This is exactly the reason why Beyonce chose an African American photographer, Tyler Mitchell for her shoot.

Beyonce added that social media was beautiful because unlike traditional media, it is democratic. Everyone gets  a say, everybody counts and everyone can have their own perspective.

While sharing her early life, she told the magazine that she came from a family of broken male-female relationships. Her history makes us bruised but beautiful at the same time. Now that the pop star gave birth to a twins- a girl and a boy, she feels blessed. That both the genders grew inside her together and she hopes that her children will break the generational curses of her family to live less complicated and happy lives.

Beyonce has had a twisted life. She had her disappointments, betrayals, heartbreaks, but she got her confidence, and she grew to be a lot more interesting. She wishes to be free, and not structured. Beyonce believes that unless she is creating something, she can not be happy. Improving, learning, evolving and growing keeps her going.

Lastly, the singer believes that she is a place of gratitude right now. And wishes to continue exploring every part of her soul.

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