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Britney Spears’s Legal Team’s Stance On Child Support

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Britney Spears and her ex-husband Kevin Federline are legally fighting Kevin’s demand for more child support. Now that the matter is in court, Spears’ legal team has requested the judge to not depose her.

 Britney Spears filed new documents

According to reports, Britney Spears’ lawyers have filed new documents in court. Apparently, the team requests that the pop star does not need to sit for a deposition. And that it’s known how much money she makes. They have further claimed that sitting for deposition will disrupt Britney Spears’ tour schedule and that it will also pose safety concerns for the former couple’s children and that revealing any such private information could hurt her kids in the future. Consequently, the singer’s legal team has asked the judge to place a limit on everything that Kevin Federline can access. She further added that it would be wise to seal anything that does become available.

Britney Spears is currently paying $20,000 monthly in child support to Kevin Federline. And if expenses like extracurricular, school, clothing and others are included, a total of $35,000 goes out from her end. But her ex-husband has been demanding even more. Kevin Federline’s lawyer has asked for $60,000 per month in child support from Britney Spears. But the singer has refused to pay claiming that as a father, Federline is currently not contributing anything for their children’s life.

According to reports, Britney Spears has agreed to pay an additional $10,000 every month. And she did not plan on paying anything more than that. The latest court hearing intended to discover how much exactly did Kevin Federline need to cover all the children expenses. However, his lawyer instead wanted to probe into how much does Britney Spears make as a total. Spears’ legal team is trying to figure out if Federline is trying to get more money to afford his other four children apart from the two that he has with Spears.

Whether the court decides to order Britney to pay more or discards Kevin’s request for additional child support is still to come out.

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