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Chris Hemsworth Looks Younger Thanks To New Netflix Movie “Extraction”

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What happens if you take away Chris Hemsworth’s Thor hammer and ax, take away his and armored suit and give him normal clothes to wear? Would he look like a regular Hemsworth or still a superhero in disguise? We are going for the latter and here is why. Marvel‘s superhero is coming with a new movie on Netflix, Extraction. The star will feature as Tyler Rake, a black-market for-hire mercenary. Rake is hired to rescue a kidnapped son of an international crime lord. The rescue mission takes him to Dhaka, Bangladesh where develops a closeness with the kid and so discovers his path of redemption.

Chris Hemsworth Stunning Superhero-Like Looks

Director Sam Hargrave tells an accurate description of Hemsworth’s looks:

“We tried to make him dirty and bloody and (added) stubble and a beard and just beat him up. But it seemed like the more dirt and blood we put on him, the more handsome he was. So we failed there.”

Netflix’s Extraction is set for release on April 24, 2020. Hargrave continued to explain the character of Rake. The movie will tell Chris Hemsworth’s character has done some terrible things as mercenary and has created a dark past for himself, to make a living for himself. However, what is interesting here is not “his physical bravery but his emotional cowardice”.

According to how Hemsworth puts it, the innocence and purity of the kid he is rescuing remind him of his own son who died years ago. The child now gives him more hope, that there is more to do on Earth than just waiting to die.

The fact that Chris Hemsworth had to stay away from his own family and children for three months to film in India and Thailand taught him much. He admits how the distance made him realize how Tyler would feel after the loss of his own son. The whole overall mood gave him

“rawness and authenticity that is hard to fake. Every sort of perspective you have on anything in life changes when you have a child.”

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