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Is Logan Paul Dating Brother Jake Paul’s Ex Tana Mongeau?

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It was only six weeks ago when Jake Paul broke up with Tana Mongeau, and now it seems she is with Logan Paul. Logan was publicly photographed with Mongeau, where the two were super close to each other. Logan even kissed Mongeau’s head, in what seemed like some public display of affection. So is this it? Is Logan once again having a thing for his brother’s ex-lover?

Logan Paul Is Dating His Brother’s Ex?

The photographs show that Logan Paul and Tana Mongeau looking relaxed, happy, and really comfortable, enjoying their time together after lunch. Jake Paul married Tana Mongeau back in 2019, but only recently the two announced that they are “taking a break” from their relationship in 2020. However, it seems that Mongeau still wants to spend time with the Paul family?

Mongeau wrapped her arm around Logan and he gave her a kiss on top of her head. We do not know if this was a friendly, comforting kiss. Or perhaps an assurance from a lover. Perhaps, Mongeau is just this much friendly with both the brothers and this is nothing at all?

We are unsure only because HollywoodLife reports that Jake Paul and Mongeau were photographed shopping together only a week ago. Though there was no PDA involved, the two were fairly comfortable with each other the whole time.

Not The First Time He Is Doing It

Way back in October 2018, Alissa Violet confirmed that she was only pretending to date Jake Paul, while also dating his brother Logan soon after. This unusual mix of a relationship was only because Jake wanted a YouTube girlfriend, which would get him more views on his videos. Although the two were fake dating, Violet confirmed that she also hooked up with his brother during this. This led to people slandering Violet and calling her out over her “dual-faced” relationship. The star admitted later that she felt disgusted by what she did.

Perhaps Tana Mongeau is not dating Logan Paul. But we cannot rule out any possibility here. This is not the first time when the two brothers were linked to the same woman.

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