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Jake Paul Anxiety Advice Gets Him Mocked By Twitter!

Though, he did later clear it up.

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When Jake Paul came up with the phrase ‘It’s everyday bro’, little did we know that it meant a controversy every day! Though, this latest one is a bit hilarious. Apparently, Jake Paul does not have a clear idea of what anxiety is. He tweeted out something that he hoped would help people suffering from this mental health condition:

Jake Paul Anxiety Tweet

So, here’s what the tweet says:

Remember anxiety is created by you.

Professional psychologists and therapists would disagree with this. It has a lot to do with environmental as well as genetic factors. For instance, a medical health research study shares that a particular gene known as the RBFOX1 gene may have something to do with it.

There is also evidence that trauma that one suffers when they are young also leads to different anxiety disorders when you are older.

Hence, the solutions to anxiety disorders are not as simple as Paul is making it out to be.

Everyone had fun with this tweet

People who have some knowledge about mental health disorders would already know this. Hence, many celebrities were quick to poke a little fun at this Jake Paul anxiety tweet:



Jake Paul tried to clear himself up

His original tweet was followed by this one:

Jake Paul Anxiety Tweet Explanation

Basically, the YouTuber shared that he just wanted to help everyone else with things that help him when he’s anxious.

Despite the constant replies he got; mocking his original tweet, Jake Paul was adamant on using this moment to bring attention to the mental health issue:

Jake Paul Anxiety Awareness

The younger Paul brother ended up sharing an article by Healthline that shares ways to cope with this disorder. This article contains useful information gathered by medical professionals.

However, people were not easy to forgive him:

Some people were clear on why they did not agree with Jake Paul anxiety tweet

A user mentioned how Jake Paul needs to be better in dealing with serious issues such as these.


Rachel McArthur, a news editor, shares that this is an example of why social media giants should restrict what the influencers are putting on their platforms:

Did Jake Paul mean well or was he just looking for clout?

Knowing Jake Paul and popular YouTube celebrities, it is hard to say that this was not to gain attention. They are always looking for ways to gain more views and attention because that is in their job description.

However, it may seem that Jake Paul was just misinformed about the issue at hand. While his ways of dealing with anxiety may work for him, it does not always work for everyone suffering from anxiety. There are so many different kinds and everyone responds differently to the medications and therapy procedures. Let’s see if he learns from this mistake or not.

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