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Miss Americana Filmmakers Share Details of Taylor Swift BTS

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Taylor Swift is a celebrity pop sensation who is adored by millions and millions of people. In fact, the country pop-star is revered by her fans to a crazy extent. To give fans an insight into the world of music and social media and Taylor Swift’s public image, Netflix created the documentary ‘Miss Americana.’ This shows 15 years of Taylor Swift in the spotlight and fame. It represents the public as well as private life as well as its’ ordeals for the legendary pop idol. Now the film-makers behind Miss Americana have shared some more details from the making of the documentary. And also some behind-the-scenes. Keep reading and we’ll update you.

‘Miss Americana’ Taylor Swift

The people behind the documentary recently shared some more insight in a new video. Director Lana Wilson and producer Morgan Neville got together to share some BTS and talk about the editing and making of Miss Americana.

They talked about a moment between Taylor Swift and her brother in the kitchen. He calls her out for only wearing her own merchandise at home. To this, Taylor responds “but it’s free for me!”  That was a fun moment for them but it was a long scene so it could not make it in the documentary.

Another memorable moment the producer remembers is Taylor Swift getting ready backstage for her Reputation Show.

“And she’s sitting there, singing to herself while she’s getting worked up to do the concert, It’s like slowly putting her armor on, trying to get rid of the good girl and muster her bad reputation.”

The first cut

Lana Wilson then shared that their first cut was 72 minutes long. And she added that it also had a pretty similar structure to Taylor Swift’s present-tense story.

“of going from someone whos living to meet other people’s expectations to someone who is being the person she wants to be in the world.

The creators shared that they used a backstory and fleshed out her previous life and entire career story to connect the dots and show the transformation. They also added that the film was not just meant for fan service. And that it worked out well for people to actually know and understand her through the film.

First encounter with Taylor Swift

Talking about the first time they met, Lana shared that Taylor had wanted a directors’ perspective on her life.

She’s an extraordinary storyteller and she knows that the best stories have a point of view. She also knew that she couldn’t have an outside perspective on her own life.

For the director, it was a “gift” as she could go in there and find the story she wanted to tell. The film was a huge reveal for Taylor Swift and was way out of her comfort zone considering she has been under public scrutiny all of her life.

They even shared that initially, the tile of the film was to be  “Is It Cool That I Said All That?” Because Taylor says a lot in this movie and it brings out her outspoken, self-aware and funny side.

If you haven’t watched it already, go watch Miss Americana on Netflix now.

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