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Blumhouse’s Fantasy Island | One of the Worst Hollywood Movies of 2020?

The horror/thriller scores a mere 9% on Rotten Tomatoes

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Blumhouse’s Fantasy Island 2020 is well on its way to winning the award for one of the worst Hollywood movies of 2020. At least that’s what the critics are saying about director Jeff Waldow’s horror/thriller flick. Lucy Hale, Michael Pena, Maggie Q, and Ryan Hansen starer movie is proving to be quite a disappointment.

What are the Critics saying About Fantasy Island?

The 2.5 hours long Blumhouse production might be on its way to winning the top prize. Not for the reasons you might be thinking though. American review-aggregation website for film and television(Rotten Tomatoes) has given Fantasy Island a not so respectable score of 9% amid the hail-storm of negative reviews. Here are some of the Fantasy Island reviews.

@30Reviews on Twitter thinks of it as one of the worst Hollywood movies of 2020 ever.

Guys, Fantasy Island might just be one of the worst movies I have ever seen. Oh my f…..g god. I’m actually in shock.

Others were looking for a suitable genre to assign to Jeff Waldow’s film. Was it a horror or a comedy? Just like me, @Joshrothkopf was confused too and shared his confusion in a tweet.

Funnier than anything in FANTASY ISLAND: The critic who turned to me immediately afterward and asked, “Are you sure you want to stay in this business?”

According to Peter Travers of Rolling Stone, the film deserves a death sentence(if there were any in any court of law). He stole the words out of my mouth and showed Lucy Hale starer movie its true place.

If crimes against cinema merited prosecution, Blumhouse’s ‘Fantasy Island’ would go directly to death row… A machete-wielding psycho, played by Michael Rooker, runs around the island connecting the stories and trying to chop everything to bits. Is he the real author of the screenplay?

What is the Movie about?

The nominee for one of the worst Hollywood movies is an adaptation of the Gene Levitt’s 1977 ABC series of the same name. Michael Pena plays the role of a genie-like figure(Mr. Roarke) who makes the guest’s fantasies come true. One of the guests on the Fantasy Island Resort is Pretty Little Liars’, Lucy Hale. Things get out of control when other’s get trapped in Lucy Hale’s Fantasy. They must find a way to get out of it and save their lives.

Even amid this hail-storm of negativity, Jeff Waldow film has managed to rake in a position of #3 at the box office. Let’s see if any other movie manages to score as low as this one on Rotten Tomatoes this year. Dankanator will keep you updated.

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