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“Baby Yoda” From Star Wars’ The Mandalorian Is Officially In Dictionary

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The Child, aka Baby Yoda of Star Wars from its spinoff show The Mandalorian, is now official. Dictionary has officially added “Baby Yoda” to its website as a common term. The little child from the Star Wars’ Yoda species gained immense popularity in Hollywood and among the global fans. The hype was so extreme that even Disney admitted that they never expected such a reaction from their fans. Before this, they even did not plan for their own merchandise. The debut season of Pedro Pascal’s The Mandalorian revived memories of Star Wars, with fans claiming that this is what true a Star Wars universe storyline should look like.

Baby Yoda in Dictionary.com

Baby Yoda’s, formerly known as The Child, popularity stems from the Star Wars spinoff show. Din Djarin received a task to bring “a small package” dead or alive, with more reward if he delivers it alive. Upon discovering what, or who, the package was, his conscience finds him. The rest of the season followed the two growing a deeper bond and a few unique twists in the storyline. Ultimately, the fans are now super excited for season 2 of The Mandalorian.

According to Dictionary.com, Baby Yoda [Bey-bee Yoh-duh] means:

“Baby Yoda is the popular name for a character known as the Child in the Star Wars TV series The Mandalorian. He is a member of the same species as the beloved Star Wars character, Yoda. Baby Yoda’s adorable, lovable appearance helped make the character a widespread meme online.”

The phrase is present in the memes section, which mostly contains slangs and commonly used terms and phrases. This part of the section is mostly used to decipher common internet terms. Now we have Star Wars Baby Yoda in the list as well.

The show gained quite some popularity due to The Child and the overall new look to the storyline. Unlike the final trilogy of the Star Wars’ Skywalker Saga, this show ranks better and even had a more positive response.

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