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Indiana Jones 5 To Begin Filming Soon, Reveals Harrison Ford

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He just keeps on rolling. Harrison Ford’s career is on a roll right now, not stopping even for a short break. Ford is incredibly popular for his role as Han Solo in Disney‘s Star Wars, and another mystery-adventure series Indiana Jones. After reprising his role in the final trilogy of Star Wars (especially The Rise of Skywalker), the 77-year-old star went on to film The Call of the Wild. Now, he confirms that he will be coming back on screen once again in Indiana Jones 5.

Indiana Jones 5 Will Start Filming In Summers

The actor is currently marketing his latest movie, starring as John Thorton who goes on a wild adventure in the arctic region. However, after this, he is set to begin filming for his treasure hunting movie series Indiana Jones. When asked about his return to the movie series, Ford told:

“Y’know, running around in tight pants and high boots. I’ll give you a more appropriate answer considering that I’m gonna start doing Indiana Jones in about two months. I’m always delighted to come back to these characters. When we have the opportunity to make another it’s because people have enjoyed them.”

Ford also revealed that he likes to refer to his fans as customers because this way he can feel more responsibility. He explained that he feels the need to present quality work and efforts that “are as ambitious as they were” when he first started. Therefore, if he refers to the moviegoers as customers it is more appropriate to him.

Although the actor was on a CBS news interview to talk about his recent movie one cannot ignore a star’s other popular works, especially if one of those is coming to theatres soon. Steven Spielberg will sit in the director’s chair, and Cinemablend reports that even George Lucas will come on for the movie. However, the cast is undecided. Indiana Jones will most likely return either in Fall 2020 or in early 2021.

Harrison Ford has remained as alpha and a sex symbol to many due to his role as treasure hunting Jones. But this time things will be slightly different due to his growing age.

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