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Sonic The Hedgehog post-credit scene explained

Sega walks in the footsteps of Marvel Studios

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The Sega speedster had a hell of a run in its opening weekend. Grossing over $65 million worldwide, Sonic certainly rushed past Detective Pikachu’s record. It now holds the record for the best opening weekend for a videogame adaptation. It is certainly a well-deserved win for Paramount Studios. After its first trailer reveal earned severe backlash, the studio decided to postpone the movie for redesigning. That gamble has certainly paid off. But Sega predicted the movie’s success, as they set up a sequel in the post-credit scene.

The context in Sonic The Hedgehog:

Warning: Spoilers ahead. After the movie ends, the audience is treated with a gorgeous credit sequence that’s worth sitting through. It is a recap of the entire plot in the 16-bit art of the Genesis game. The sequence revives Sonic in his original form and renders Jim Carrey’s Robotnik as a pixelated foe. But after the credits roll, we get one more shot from the top of Green Hills, Montana. In the post-credits scene, a portal opens but it’s not the blue blur who runs out. Surprise, surprise; it’s Sonic’s pal Tails, the fox with two tails. Miles “Tails” Prower flies out into the distance, with his helicopter tails, to enlist the help of Sonic.

However, Sonic repeatedly emphasizes in the movie that he never had a family, or friends for that matter. And Sonic left his home planet when he was just a child. So we can deduce that Sonic and Tails have not met yet. Considering we saw a pack of Knuckles-like echidnas chasing Sonic, and Robotnik is collecting the fungi he needs to escape solitary confinement, the plot of Sonic the Hedgehog 2 is in full view.

Tails in Sonic The Hedgehog Post Credits Scene

Post-Credits Scene Explained:

As Miles checks out some sort of tracking device, he says:

If these readings are accurate, he’s here. I’ve found him. I just hope I’m not too late.

Now, what could Tails’ entry into the Sonic franchise mean? Tails has been a huge part of the videogame franchise after his introduction in Sonic 2. As we have seen that the movie did not necessarily stick to its roots, anything could be possible in the sequel. However, there are three possibilities.

As Sonic describes in the movie, a tribe of warrior echidnas was responsible for driving him off his home planet. The echidnas wanted to steal his speed force. So, if Tails also originates from Sonic’s home planet, he might be here to enlist Sonic in the fight against the echidnas. In that case, who would be better to serve as the echidnas’ champion than Knuckles. Sonic’s red rival has been the villain for the most part of the videogame story.

Knuckles in Sonic the Hedgehog Post Credit Scene

Another far-fetched possibility would be the Chaos Emeralds. The Chaos Emeralds are more like the Sonic Universe’s Infinity Stones. In the movie, we saw a marking of a gem in the corner of Sonic’s map. This might be a confirmation of the Emeralds’ existence in the universe. As we know Paramount & Sega want to extend this movie into a franchise, it is obvious that the Emeralds would come into the scene sooner or later. The six Chaos Emeralds can only be controlled by a seventh Master Emerald, which would set up the third movie down the line.

The least likely possibility is that Doctor Robotnik has broken out of his exile in the mushroom world. And he’s now wreaking havoc on Sonic’s home planet, forcing Tails to seek him out. Let’s hope this is not the case though, as it would make the plot too similar to the first movie. One thing’s for sure; fans have a lot to look out for in the franchise.

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