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Stranger Things Season 4 Teaser Trailer Shows The Big Return?

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Netflix has released the first look of their upcoming Stranger Things Season 4 and what an unexpected scene that was. We all cried at some point in the previous season’s finale, no need to deny that. However, the trailer is pointing towards an incredible storyline. Here, we see that David Harbour returns to the show, although his character, Sheriff Hopper died. We would like to stay unsure over this one. Why are we unsure? Let’s discuss!

Stranger Things Teaser Showed Hopper Or Not?

It was extremely thrilling and super emotional for most of us Stranger Things fans. When we saw David Harbour’s Sheriff Hopper sacrificing his life to save Eleven, it was just sad. Millie Bobby Brown‘s character developed a strong daughter-father like relationship by season 3 and it went off the charts with this sacrifice. However, we all were expecting him to return due to several reasons. The trailer of the new season of Stranger Things is hinting towards this possible return. Watch the teaser below to see for yourself:

Workin as a railway construction worker in a snowstorm, we see David Harbour take off his hat to unveil his face. Now, as much as we want to believe that this is Sherif Hopper, things look a bit off. For example, his hairstyle and facial looks. Perhaps the portal is taking people and things to the other part of the world? Maybe that is why we also saw the Demogorgon appear in the final scene of the previous season finale?

We also like to think that this is some other dimension, where the Soviets have control over this portal. Whatever the case is, one thing that we find skeptical is the way Netflix has revealed the return of Sheriff Hopper in Stranger Things. A revelation this early cannot be without a bigger, badder storyline waiting for release. Or even this return is linked with a special kind of twist?

With only a teaser trailer releasing, for now, it seems that Stranger Things is officially beginning its marketing for Season 4. There is no release date yet, but we can expect the announcement coming soon. Stay tuned!

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